Left your Details?? Expect a Call from a Broker!

Trader’s Tales – What to expect after leaving your details at the Broker’s Customer Support Department

As most of you probably know, every platform has a sales department; it’s legit, common and completely normal… Every platform wants to sell their product. Same way that Nike invests a Zillion dollars per year on commercials, trading platforms invest in good salesmen. Nike offers you a cool looking shoe; a trading platform will offer you a friendly and easy to use platform, but let’s face it, if Nike wasn’t REALLY comfortable, I would be the first to stop buying their stuff. The same goes for trading platforms, if people were not making any money on it, this trading “trend” would have disappeared long ago.



“When one does not want to be called, one does not leave his contact details”- Aristo.

When Jimmy Joe or Mary Jane Joe (I’m talking about you) leaves contact details on the platform, they usually get a call 1-15 minutes later, if you left your details late at night, you’ll get a call the next morning. I love it when people are surprised from the call, what did you leave your number for? You wanted some information, right? You typed in all of your correct phone digits, right (don’t tell me it was an accident)? Good, I’m calling cause I want to sell you my platform!


Now, let’s roll… YOU NEED TO USE THIS CALL TO GET ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED. So what if I’m trying to sell you the platform, it’s my job, but on the way you can milk me for anything you wanted to know about Binary Options or our platform, GO FOR IT, or like Anastasia my Croatian neighbor says “don’t be shy…”.



Ok, how to get reliable information and how can I know that I’m not being lied to? Good question, thank you for asking.

 Don’t invite lies. If you didn’t ask mom what she was doing upstairs with the milkman when daddy was out working his ass off to pay rent, don’t ask the salesman if you are going to make money from trading. YES, you can make 1-2 good trades and a minor profit, and YES, 5 seconds later you can lose it all. If you are new to the world of trading, ask them how it works, the differences of the tools offered, how can you profit, how can you lose. Ask if they offer education packages for beginners (if you are one), if yes, what do they include (lessons, strategies or a senior analyst to guide you on your first trades). If you are offered bonuses or guaranteed trades, ask for terms and conditions (SO VERY IMPORTANT). Ask who is going to follow your account and analyze your trades (if it’s the same person, be careful, usually good senior analysts don’t have the time to be salesmen). Also know that senior analysts don’t always waste their time on smaller accounts (less than $500 -$1000, depending the platform) so anyone offering you all the help you need for a minimum deposit is usually just telling you what you want to hear.



My favorite word in life… “NEGOTIATION”.

Know this, everything in life is negotiable, women, kids, houses, jobs, taxes and even death (to a certain point). So yes, Binary Options platforms are also. If you want more bonuses or a premium account for cheaper, name it, and ask for it. Once you choose the platform that suits you best, tell your account manager that you’re going to go with them, but that you would like more\less\whatever it is you need. If he can, he will hook you up, you’re his new best friend at this very moment of closure. He will put you on hold for a short time, and get you what you need. Just make sure you really want what you asked for! Once you deposit funds, your account will usually stay with the account manager for another 24 hours before moving up to the senior analyst. In the meanwhile, you don’t have to start trading (you really shouldn’t if you don’t know how to). The next day, contact the platform (the easiest way is by their chat line) and tell them you want to be called by your analyst. See what he says and try him out, it can be the first day of your new life.



But what if… :'((

But what if what?! Man up! If you deposited and your analyst is giving you all the attention you need, tips and good lessons in trading, you are going to start making money (not trillions, but a fair amount relative to what you invested) however, if you see in the following days that the analyst is not taking you seriously, or that he is not giving you any concrete information on how to trade then you don’t need to yell or feel cheated. Be polite, say “thank you and come visit when you are around” and make a withdrawal request. Send the docs needed and start looking for a better platform to trade in the meanwhile, NO HARM DONE.



“If something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a f*cking lie”- Queen Elizabeth

Last and a very obvious rule, if a salesman offers you mountains of money in a short time, or a steady, high % of income relative to your investment per month, or to trade on your behalf with your money and make you big profits or any OTHER sort of crazy ass deal – run, and don’t look back.


If I missed, forgot or haven’t mentioned anything deliberately, feel free to comment, ask or leave your phone number (if you are a wealthy young female living on the east coast…).


Truly yours,

Thomas White.