My Top 5 Favorite Artists for While I’m Trading

Today, the topic is music or should I say my top five artists that I like to listen to while I’m trading. Normally, I am a multitasker and love to watch TV-shows or movies while I’m trading. That’s right, Netflix on one monitor and MetaTrader one the other. It might sound crazy to the newbies who are struggling with reading the charts but once you get comfortable enough, you tend to look for more stimuli than the boring chart reading several hours a day. On the other hand, sometimes I prefer to listen to music instead of watching movies which is great for when I am getting tired of hearing my own thoughts and it helps me rid of some stress too. Of course, I pick songs based on my mood but also based on the price flow on the charts to add some rhythm to the otherwise boring chart monitoring. So, here are my top favorite artists while trading.


1. Iron Maiden – Pump the Blood and Hopefully the Markets

Sometimes I like to start with Iron Maiden to get the blood rushing a little bit. But also while waiting for prices to start moving a bit. You know when you are for example waiting for the price to break out and you are almost banging on your desk saying “come on, break already”? Well, it’s nice to replace the banging with some music and I think Iron Maiden suits this well. A couple of favorite songs are “Fear of the Dark” and “The Number of the Beast”. Many times it feels like the music is copying the pulse of the market when you see that big breakout candle you were waiting for exploding up while the drums are beating in the background.


2. Black Sabbath – For Scalping Times

There are also times when I want the beat to match my scalping on the lower time frames like the one-minute charts. That’s when I play “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath while killing it with shorter expiries. Basically, it sets me up with a good rhythm and trading becomes really enjoyable. Some other songs from them that I like are “Heaven and Hell”, “Iron Man” and “Children of the Grave”. Try these songs while watching the M1 charts, does it feel like the guitar play is making the candlesticks dance? Hell yes!


3. Johnny Cash – Ready for Analysis

I love Johnny Cash. There is so much variety here and the lyrics are clever and can sometimes even make you laugh! I like to listen to Johnny Cash when analyzing my charts. Going step by step through each asset and time frame with my “Personal Jesus” or “Ghost Riders in the Sky” in the background. After analyzing everything I play “I’ve Been Everywhere” because yeah, I have been everywhere man… or at least through all the charts. So I think we are good, I’m not gonna fall down into a ring of fire ;).


4. Queen – Mood Swings and Chart Swings

I think most people have at least one favorite song from Queen. There are many varieties here too, depending on different moods that you may be going through. We traders experience different moods. If the markets are not giving you the entries you want or whatever you do that day just does not turn out as you thought it may kick start your bad emotions. Obviously, we all know It’s good to put your bad emotions away but it’s hard to do! Music, however, can help you here. Putting on a song by Queen gets me bouncing back quickly and get in a better mood. A losing trade? Hit it: “Another One Bites the Dust”!


5. Classic and Opera – Calming Down

When it comes to calming down and getting rid of stress, classical music and opera can do the job. Mozart and Beethoven are popular but I like opera too, for example, Pavarotti. Some traders say that classical music at times is like the pulse of the market. Who knows, maybe the market movers are listening to these classics and that’s why it the market waves and moves matches the songs? Whether true or not, I find them awesome while hunting on the charts for potential entries.


A Symphony of Candlesticks

As a price action trader I know how important it is to look at the history of candlesticks and their movements. One candle alone it’s not going to say much but a group of them together, a symphony of candlesticks give away the rhythm of the market. So, hit play and listen to your favorite songs while decoding the market flow. Every type of trader will have their own preferences and styles and different songs may be suitable for different situations. Just don’t get too cocky and overtrade only because you are listening to a bad ass song! Because then, no sad music in the world can help you.