1Major Scam

Omnia App

  • Founded: 2017
  • Return: $12,000
  • Price: Free*Deposit required

Omnia App Review – Explosive New Secret Hits The Market! SHOCKING Review!

RISK-FREE! TAX-FREE! Given to you COMPLETELY FOR FREE! It will bring you 1 Million US Dollars in 6 months from now! It really is that Simple! The story you are going to read is about yet another super rich guy, whose life long goal is to help others… and guess what, you’ve been selected to have your life changed by this guy. Yes, he is going to make you rich beyond your imagination… man, I wonder how people still believe stuff like that. Well, let’s start our rags-to-riches journey.


Omnia App Miracle – What Is It And How To Stay Away From It

Omnia App Review scam
Meet Matthew Hammersmith, CEO of Omnia Investments, who is personally worth over $380,000,000 and has made his life long goal to help normal everyday folks. Now he’s bringing everyday people his Omnia App, a binary options robot that is going to make you up to an astonishing $12,000 per day! That’s wrong on so many levels man… first of all, I don’t believe any of this at all, and second, if you want to help other people, why don’t you go to some third world country where they don’t have food and clean water? “Normal everyday folks” are fine, they have food, they have water so if you’re such a Good Samaritan, please make the best of your 380 Million bucks and go feed the people in need. Oh, wait, the people in real need don’t have money to open an account with your crappy broker, right? Right! So you have to focus on “everyday folks” who can cough up a couple hundred bucks. Oh, you had me fooled for a moment…

My life is gonna change forever… duh I believe it because se hays so:


Omnia App Review complaint


I’ll be a millionaire in less than 6 months (wow, that long?), finances gonna get better beyond my wildest dreams. Oh joy, I’m so happy. Hold on, this guy must consider me retarded, not only because he thinks I will believe everything he spouts out of his mouth but also because he repeats the words “Lead Trends” several times, pausing between them, just how you would if you would speak to a slow minded kid. Lead…Trends… Lead… Lead – Remember it, he says. Ok sure, I will remember it. I don’t think it will do me any good but… whatever.


Omnia App Makes it Into the Wall ST Journal Edition of 2020!

Next he shows me the current date on a picture of The Wall Street Journal, probably to add some credibility to his story and to make sure I believe him. I don’t know what the date has to do with the legitimacy of the story, especially when it’s so easy to modify but he has another opinion, obviously. Check out his pic:


Omnia App Review scam


… and now check out mine:


Omnia App Review complaint


Do I have a time machine? Nope, just 3 minutes to spare and Microsoft Paint installed on my PC. Oh and by the way, the same magic can be worked on bank account statements or trading statements. So if you ever wondered how these guys can have only winning trades, now you know.


Omnia App May Not Be Your Money Maker!

The story continues with him telling me how he spent months testing and tweaking – I suppose he wants me to think that’s a long time and how this software is fool-proof and never loses. EVER!


Omnia App Review suck


Oh hold on, there’s a catch: Omnia is free for the first 41 days and then I have to pay 0.5% of my profit. So if I make 10K, I will have to pay him 50 bucks. Ok, that works for me. But why would this guy who is personally worth over 380 Million need MY FIFTY BUCKS??? And by the way, immediately after telling me he is gonna charge me 0.5%, he informs me that his company is allegedly worth over 673 Million USD.

Wait, I think I was wrong about this guy (I’m writing this as I am watching the video): he did donate to charity and to needy people. You know how much? Over 50% of his income. That’s great but I don’t understand: 50% of his income for one day, one week, 10 years? How much? There’s a big difference. Anyway, he just says 50% because it sounds good. I don’t really believe this guy donated anything and in fact, I believe he is an actor, reading a script. Also, I don’t believe that Omnia App will make you a millionaire or that it will bring you consistent profit. What can I say, I’m a sceptic. Or is that a realist…?

Next he talks some mumbo jumbo about how the software works: “hyper responsive data speed and analysis of 3 million market variables.” The software analyses the market data for the 60 minutes prior to the trade in 8/100 seconds (yea, that’s fast) and then applies and “incredible” calculation called the Omnia Principle (mystical stuff, man). The software takes into account percentage change in the NASDAQ, FTSE, DOW Jones, Gold, etc. but also looks at the text published on big websites and searches for certain “trigger keywords” that could generate a market reaction. Sure, all this could make you say “Hmm, that sounds smart, so it probably works”, believe me when I tell you it won’t. It’s a load of cr4p, a scam just like all others, designed to make you deposit with his recommended broker so he can get a commission.


Conclusion – Is Omnia App A Scam?

Hmm, a scam? You mean like someone lying to you, trying to con you out of your money with fake promises? If that’s what we’re talking about, then yes, Omnia is a scam and you should stay away from it. I’ve seen too many people fall for this type of cheesy tricks and I really hope this kind of review makes you stay away from them. Of course, if I haven’t convinced you, then try it and let us know your “hands-on” experience.