OneTwoTrade Education Review – Adequate Job at Basic Information

Full Review of OneTwoTrade Educational Resources for Traders is a broker flying under the radar. They, without much fanfare, have emerged on the market as a SpotOption white label offering the typical binary trading expected from such. They also have an adequate education system and the opportunity for more advanced training for those who wish it. OneTwoTrade is a Malta based broker and as such licensed and regulated as a gaming house. Because of this all of the literature and video refer to binary trading as games, gaming, bets and betting. This doesn’t mean it is a bad broker, just not the type we really like here at BOTS, the kind that take trading seriously and see it as a financial tool, not a game.



Education At Basic Level

At first the Education Center seems kind of like a joke. There are links to detailed information and answers to questions like “is binary options trading hard” and “popular lingos”. I don’t know about lingos but there are quite a few vocabulary words a trader needs to know and despite the cornball name this link delivers. Before I get too far ahead of myself lets back track a minute and touch base with my first impression with this web site from an educational perspective. The home page has the typical mumbo jumbo about how trading binary is as easy as one two three. At the top of the page in the main navigation is listed Trading Academy, a good start. The Trading Academy has further links to things like a free ebook, strategy lessons, education center and daily analysis. The bottom navigation has additional links to these same resources, making them easy to find and access. First impression good.


The FAQ’s are pretty basic but cover all the bases. There is information on sign up, deposit, withdrawal and basic questions about binary options and trading. When perusing the FAQ’s I learned that the broker has Double Up and Rollover, a good thing, and also that they charge at least $50 per withdrawal ,a very bad thing. The Education Center is filled with articles about trading psychology, financial management and market functions but they are also very basic. A lot of the articles are filled with fluff but there is enough there to at least let a newbie know that these things exist and that they are important to trading success. There are also articles on technical analysis, fundamental analysis and market sentiment but again they touch on only the barest tip of the ice berg.


There is a free ebook. This is nothing more than the typical and extremely basic download available from nearly every broker on the market. It goes into what a binary option is, the difference between high/low, range and touch options. Basic terminology like calls, puts, strike and expiry are also explained. The ebook also touches on the same topics as the Education Center but fails to elaborate any further. The Video Center is a bonus that not all brokers have. The Videos are on similar topics as the articles including an Introduction to binary, Psychology, Financial Management, Market Overviews, Technical and Fundamental Analysis as well as a members only section for registered users. Registration is free, the extra videos are OK and include more detailed descriptions of technical analysis techniques like oscillators and candle sticks.


Additional educational materials include a daily market analysis from a pro trader and one-on-one half hour training sessions. The daily analysis is very brief from what I have seen and not all that helpful in my opinion. The training sessions are another matter as you get to talk with an actual trader about how to use certain techniques, tailored to your needs. Training sessions are only available to some customers, depending on account size.



My Last Words On Education does a completely adequate job of letting newbies know the basic information. And from basic I mean the most basic. They touch all the bases but there isn’t a whole lot of meat on the bone. The thing is, what broker really has good, advanced, education, none of them. This one is OK but I think there are better choices.


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