OptionsClick Trader’s Education Review – Is It Worth A Click?

Full Review of OptionsClick’s Binary Options Educational Material

OptionsClick is a CySec regulated broker founded in 2011 and running on the Techfinancials platform. There have been some mixed reviews about them but recently they changed ownership and it seems like the new company owners want to take responsibility and improve their service. Some website improvements have been done since our first review on them but they still have some work to do before they can compete with the bigger names. Today however we’re looking at their education, found in the OptionClick’s trading academy.



What Kind of Education Does OptionsClick Provide?

Finding the academy where all the education is provided is easy because it is featured on the homepage. In fact, it is one of the first links you will see. When you click it you will see this trading academy includes a few tabs such as; FAQ, Company, Mobile App, Resources, Legal, Special Offers, VIP and Custom Programs and finally, the actual Trading Academy.

The FAQ section covers some less advanced questions than what you find elsewhere, I think it needs some work before you can call it a complete and valuable FAQ section. A few examples of what you can learn here is about minimum investments, what binary options are or what an investment amount is. The answers are very short and brief which should be the case for an FAQ. . . but not this short.

OptionClick offers a mobile app for trading, a major feature of top brokers. You can see some screenshots of how this app looks under the Mobile App section but unfortunately there isn’t any real information regarding the app here.
The next tab is the Resources section which contains several other subsections. Glossary comes first which is good because it explains trading related expressions and words that you should understand before you begin anything else. Next comes the economic calendar where important upcoming news are displayed, here you can see their impact and more info. The tab called Trader basics includes info on subjects that were brought up before in the FAQ’s but with a little more explanation. I don’t know why this isn’t included in the FAQ’s in first place. It makes more sense to me to make a complete section with all the info. Other sections provide information on legal matters, banking options, payment options, assets index and a few others that don’t necessarily belong in a trading education section.
One thing I like is the video on demand section, but it too needs some work. This page contains plenty of video tutorials but you can only view a few of them. The majority of the videos require registration which is a big downside since the same can be found on other broker’s platform without the need of registration. Nevertheless, each video bring up different subjects such as risk management, fundamentals, trend analysis, stocks and many more. The eBook on the other hand doesn’t require a registration, a deposit or a blood donation. It contains 26 pages with pretty decent content but I have seen better free ebooks elsewhere with more images and content.



OptionsClick Education – Does it Suck or not?

To be completely honest, I think this trading academy is very lazy because it’s a big mess and doesn’t do much for new traders without making a deposit. For one thing, OptionsClick needs to sit down and organize the sections. I don’t want to read about what In/out of the money means in 3 or 4 different sections. In my opinion some sections and tabs in the trading academy don’t even belong in the “education” section. For example, an asset index isn’t really education, is it? Neither is “About Us” and legal information and terms and conditions. These should have their own separate pages which would leave more room for real educational material. Another thing I absolutely don’t like is that some of the educational videos are unavailable for unregistered visitors. What’s the deal with that? We know OptionsClick wishes to gain status in this business so they need to do better than this!