OptionWeb FAQ Chat – We Do Not Have English Support Sorry

OptionWeb : ”Hello! How may I help you?”


1. What Makes OptionWeb Different Than Other Brokers? What are the advantages to trade with OptionWeb?

“… Do you speak any other language beside English? We do not have English support … You should subscribe surf the platform and see for yourself… Since you will not receive any other support in English… After you register you will be able to see exactly what the platform has to offer you. The registration is for free…”


2. Do OptionWeb Offer Binary Options Trading Education For Newbies?

“… In the VideoTech store there are conferences you can watch …”


3. Is there any bonus program for new clients on OptionWeb? How big is the bonus wager?

“… You have to deposit at least 250 € in order to receive a bonus and you have to invest the bonus 40 times its value in order to be able to withdrawal if you wish to withdraw before having invested the volume required the bonus will be subtracted from your balance together with 3% of the amount of the withdrawal the bonus conditions are very fair how much do you wish to deposit with us? …”


4. What is the application process? What kind of documents do I need to provide to open an account with OptionWeb?

“… in order to activate your account you have to send:

  1. copy of Passport or ID (no driving licence)
  2. copy of an utility bill, electricity, water, phone … bearing an official logo, your name and address and dated of the last 3 months …”


5. Do you offer demo accounts to your clients?

“… you have to open a standard account at the very least, which means you have to deposit at least 1,000 Euros …”


My Overall Impression with OptionWeb Live Chat

This was one of the strangest chat with a broker representative I have ever made. First they told me they have no English support in plain English. After that I waited for about 10 minutes and they moved the conversation to other representative who confirms they don’t have English speaking support and this will be the last time I will have English support. Than he explained very briefly that I can „surf the platform“and see for myself what they offer. Not very professionally to bounce my question this way, but maybe that was all he could explain in English. On the other questions the answers were ok, but also not very detailed. Demo account was offered only for accounts with initial deposit of at least 1000 Euro, which I think is too much. Most brokers without free demo offer it for all their clients, allowing test drive without risking real money. I didn’t understood the reason they don’t keep English speaking support but this is a big minus in a world dominated with this language.


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