PorterFinance FAQ Chat – Normal but Not Enough Professional

5 Questions by BOTS.com, Porter Finance Live Chat Support Representative Answers

Porter Finance : ”Hello! Welcome to Porter Finance LiveChat! How may I help you?

1. What Makes Porter Finance Different Than Other Brokers? What are the advantages to trade with Porter Finance?

“…Binary Options trading is a very new and simple form of trading. All you have to do is choose an asset you want to trade. Then, look at the current price, and the expiry time. If you believe that the price of the asset will rise at the expiry time, click on HIGH. If you believe that the price of the asset will fall, click LOW… When the expiry time arrives, if you predicted correctly, then the trade closed in the money and you will be rewarded with the payout percentage that was offered in the trade. If you predicted incorrectly, then you will receive the percentage of your investment if there was one predetermined in the contract…”



2. Do Porter Finance Offer Binary Options Trading Education For Newbies?

“… http://porterfinance.com/education/ We also offer academy lessons upon deposit. Which your broker will speak to you about …”



3. Is there any bonus program for new clients on Porter Finance? How big is the bonus wager?

“…There are lots of bonuses that Porter Finance offers. The bonuses can only be given with the approval of your broker, and he would be able to give you information on what we provide …”



4. What is the application process? What kind of documents do I need to provide to open an account with Porter Finance?

“… We charge no fees to withdraw via credit card, however any withdrawal using bank transfer will be accompanied by a processing fee of $30. You will receive one free wire withdrawal per month. All funds invested by a credit card can be withdrawn to the same card only. You can withdraw up to the amount deposited back to the credit card used to deposit, and all additional funds can be withdrawn via wire transfer. Once a withdrawal request is submitted it can take Porter Finance 2-4 business days to process the request. Once the request has been approved please allow an additional 5-7 business days for the funds to show in your account. We also require documents for withdrawal…To verify your account please follow the directions on the following link: http://porterfinance-account/account-verification/ …”



5. Do you offer demo accounts to your clients?

“…We do offer demo accounts however only upon deposit and full verification…”


My Overall Impression with Porter Finance Live Chat

The chat with PorterFinance was normal and straightforward but I am not quite satisfied from it. On the first question they didn’t answer anything on why Porter is special or different from other brokers. They even didn’t mentioned they have social trading function. Instead of this they tell me in very basic language what is binary option, maybe thinking I am total newbie, which is ok, but this was the whole answer. The other question on which I didn’t receive quite satisfying answer is was what kind of documents do they need? They only told me they need documents upon withdrawal but nothing more. These are some small but serious signs the broker representative is not professional and not doing his job properly.


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