Recommended Forex/Binary Options Reviews Websites

Recommended Forex/Binary Options Reviews Websites

General Complaint Boards

When it comes to Binary Options, team members are making their best efforts to find and report binary options scams and frauds. Whenever you are looking for a new Binary Options broker or you’re a bit suspicious of a certain broker, might just be the right place for you. Locating scammers and so called broker crooks isn’t easy at all, lots of research has to be done and even after all that, a definitive conclusion is not 100% assured.


While more and more brokers are popping out, only a few websites are actually trying to provide an honest opinion. Too many review websites are mostly promotional, Searching for any broker’s complaints or other negative/real positive comments is not an easy task since there are just not enough reliable review websites. Nevertheless, if you search hard enough, you will find out that certain websites can provide you good and credible answers. Among these websites you’ll find mostly general complaint websites such as, which is a great source for all people to post complaints or comments on all types of companies, including Binary Options brokers. There are many more websites such as the last one; most of them are general complaint boards. Those types of websites provide a platform for all people to discuss negative matters freely and they also provide an option for the companies to answer. Most of the complaints are being checked by the editors before posted online, therefore they provide an honest source of information. The second type of reliable website for reviews is, my favorite source of unbiased and authentic information on Forex/Binary Options brokers. Unlike, is focused only on trading products (brokers, signal providers, trading software, etc.) so you can’t go there and read a complaint about the cafeteria next to your home or about your credit card company. – A Reliable Source of Forex Reviews

I believe most Forex traders are well aware of this fantastic website. is considered to be one of the most reliable sources of information concerning Forex brokers; it provides real trader’s reviews, complaint board and much more useful information such as performance tests and original reviews. FPA was launched in 2006 and made a serious impact on the Forex industry. Many scammers have been exposed by FPA, and many more will be caught in the future. FPA team and Forex traders are working together in order to create a safe Forex community, with much success over the years. There’s not much difference between and FPA, except for the experience and amount of information that favors the FPA, and of course, the audience- FPA is mostly dedicated for Forex traders, targets Binary Options traders. Our goal is to increase the amount of information provided both by our team and real traders, this is why we find FPA to be a model to follow. We put our best efforts into building a Binary Options trader’s community, but nevertheless, we always recommend our visitors to check out website such as FPA and Complaint board, just to be a 100% sure of their choice of Binary Options Broker.


Why Doesn’t Suck in 50 Words

As one of the only Trustable, Reliable, Credible, Authentic sources of free information concerning almost every Forex Broker, FPA is considered by many, including myself, as the first place to go in case of any questions or doubts you have about the whole Forex industry. The FPA team and Community members would help you any time.


When Reviews are Not Enough

Sometimes, when just reading a review or writing a bad one based on your own experience is not enough, you need to take the heat up a notch. In other words, you need to complain to the proper authorities. There are two scenarios here: if your brokerage is not regulated – tough luck because the chances of you seeing any money back are slim… closer to none (all you can do is complain of forums and the websites I mentioned above). If your brokerage is regulated, you have to contact their regulatory agency. For more information on how Binary Options Regulation works, we recommend reading the linked article: Binary Options Regulation


Most Binary Options brokerages are regulated by the Cyprus Exchange and Securities Commission (CySEC) so that’s the place you have to visit. However, websites like CySEC’s are not always the most user friendly and that’s why we’ve located the complaints section for you. For information on how to file a complaint with the CySEC, click here. And because the CySEC is probably the most prolific regulatory agency for binary options, we’ve also prepared an in depth article explaining what they do and how they help making the binary options industry a safer place. Read it next: Binary Options CySec Regulation: What it’s all about? Don’t forget that you must contact the authority that regulates your broker and that is not always CySEC. If your broker is regulated in the United Kingdom, contact the British Financial Conduct Authority. If they operate out of France, go to the AMF and U.S. traders can turn to FINRA for support. Last but not least, you should know that the binary options world is filed with all sorts of people trying to part you from your money, so stay safe and read our Ultimate Anti-Scam Guide.