Scam Review; Push Button Salary – Creating Imaginary Millionaires!

Scam Review: Push Button Salary AutoTrader

I’m here again with another funny and ridiculous binary option scam review, the Push Button Salary scheme. If you’ve ever seen it you know just how ridiculous it is. This one promises to make you a millionaire within 27 days and if you fail, you will still get 10,000. I guess he chose 27 days because it would be 3 days faster than the 30 day change scam! I mean, how else would you know how to choose between these two too-good-to-be-true offers? Yeah, right… do I get 72 virgins too? It should say: “If you are not scammed within 27 days, our scam broker will make sure you will be”



Push Button Salary – Very Pushy and No Salary!

So what’s this new scam all about? The first giveaway is the never ending video that starts when you enter the site. It goes on and on pitching the scheme, practically begging you to sign up. Why so pushy, because there’s only two copies left. Obviously that’s a lie, there’s been two copies left since the site showed up a few months ago.


The next giveaway is the counter that supposedly counts how much money people are making while you watch the pitch video. It is counting from around 24 million and up and every time you refresh, it starts from 24 again, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when the market is closed. The best part is that he claims that he is doing all of this to piss off a few friends, lol. No, the real reason for why he made this website is because he wants you to register with HIS broker! You know, so you can get the FREE system. He never mentions the brokers name unless you sign up but that’s the plan and that’s how he makes his money.


Then there’s the typical Fiverr actors giving fake testimonials on how goooooood the service was. This one had more Fiverr actors than Fiverr itself! Lastly and as usual, we are just supposed to take his word for his systems accuracy. We aren’t told any details about it or how it works, we just have to accept that we’ll become millionaires within 27 days. The whole thing is just BS, pure and simple.


In this case some research will lead you to the 7 Figure Club scam which for some reason looks almost exactly like the Push Button Salary scam. Did the penny drop yet? Yes Sherlock, Push Button Salary is the same recycled garbage as the 7 Figure Club! Another way to tell is they are affiliated with the same scam brokerage named BinaryBook. There is almost no information about the broker so don’t even bother considering them. I like recycling, even though it’s a pain to spend time organizing trash without getting paid. In this case there’s nothing to save, it’s all just trash.



Conclusion – Push the X Button – Keep Your Salary

After all of this, if there is a button you should definitely push, it’s the X button to close the scam site. Of course, only after you finished registering with another scam sites email and a funny name… haha. That’s right, close it, have a laugh at their silly desperate attempts and learn to trade by actually learning from real traders. You won’t be a millionaire but you can make a decent turnover per month if you use appropriate money management on your already hard-earned salary. Just make sure you avoid the newbie trading mistakes I myself had to learn the hard way. There’s also this article on how to avoid free signal service scams that can help you spot scams like this before you fall prey.



A Funny Little Secret!

You know how these scams always have a hidden secret that they will only share with a handful few? Later you find out that the only thing that was secret is the fact that they were running a scam the whole time. I will share my little secret with you! When I visit websites like these, I usually sign up and use their own customer support email as the address, just because I think it might piss them off. And to piss them off even more, we at can make you a millionaire within 14 days instead of 27! Well, at least when it comes to knowledge; you can consider yourself a millionaire after attending the binary options school and learn to trade for yourself!