Starting a Binary Options Blog? Ask BOTS for Help!

Starting a Blog? (former is Here to Help!

Have you thought of starting a blog, sharing signals, keeping a public diary or introducing your new binary options business? Then you’ve come to the right place. Everybody needs help sometimes, and here at BOTS we offer you a helping hand! If you are wondering why we want to assist you, the answer is kind of obvious; by sharing your ideas and wisdom you’ll help us too, together we can build a bigger and better binary options community and grow stronger together. You are not alone anymore!



Why Should You Come to Us?

Trading doesn’t have to be a solo-activity, in our community you will find both new and Pro Binary Options traders, some of them have been trading from the 80’s up until present day and we can learn a lot from them! Our goal is to be a respected and trustworthy community, hence we expose scammers and review new and old brokers and strategies. We share our analysis and thoughts about the market and give each other the necessary feedback and support. This is why you definitely should share your trading journal here with us!


If your broker doesn’t offer you a Free Binary Options demo-account or you just want to share your trading and analysis, watch this video to find out how to sign up to the CommuniTraders free demo account. Other traders can quickly see your traded asset and the outcome of the trade after expiry, they can learn from you and even offer you advice if you need it.

Perhaps you have a working strategy that will help others, you can start a thread discussing it. Perhaps someone else is using a strategy that you like, you can get in touch with that trader and evolve your skills together. Do you consider yourself a good enough trader to give signals, but need a place to prove yourself? Come and share your signals here, if you are a skilled trader, you’ll soon be recognized among the many Pros, members, and visitors in our community.


Promoting a Binary Options Business?

Furthermore, we believe everyone should have the chance to promote their businesses. Of course, as long as they are following forum rules because we hate spammers. This is why we have a section called “Introducing Binary Options Businesses”. Here you can advertise the kind of special service you want to offer to other traders. It can be your new blog, signal service or if you are starting a new brokerage firm!


Our section for marketing businesses

Our sections of reviews and articles about brokers and strategies are expanding, thus making BOTS a reliable source of information about Binary Options and anything related to trading. In turn, this attracts many visitors and new members to our community. Therefore, if you are a blogger or a wannabe blogger, you will have the opportunity to reach out to a vast number of readers. Create a new thread in one of the sections in our forum that describes the topic of your blogs in the best possible way and start sharing what’s on your mind. Knowing you have more followers and readers, writing becomes more enjoyable. Besides, what is better than having your blog on a reliable and trustworthy website, knowing they have your back? These are just a few of the advantages of BOTS.


Our goal is to advance even more in the near future, obviously, we can’t-do that without your help either. Don’t know why blogging and keeping a journal is good for you? Then you should read this article: Binary Options Trading Journal, The Key To Success.  If you desire some inspiration first, take a look around in the forum and read posts from other bloggers and traders. Read our exciting binary options articles too and let us know what you think!



The Forum Rules

To counter the spamming problems you are required to make at least 6 valuable posts before you get to post a link in the forum. If you want to promote your business, make sure you do it in the right thread, “Introduce Your Binary Options Business”. You are not allowed to promote brokers but you can discuss them of course. Tell the readers what your relation is to the business you are advertising. Generally speaking; promote your service/business in an honest and decent way.


Basic Rules – What Is Allowed and Not Allowed By Default in our Forums

  1. New applies must be authorized by admin first.
  2. Using the Forums and Trading on CommuniTraders Platform are Free of any Charge.
  3. You need to have at least 6 valuable posts before you will be allowed to post a link in the forum.
  4. You need to have at least 20 valuable posts to be able to post Private Messages (PM) to other forum users.
  5. You need to have at least 50 valuable posts to have a signature.




Please read the Complete Forum Rules before posting in the forums.
Binary Options Businesses breaking these rules will be banned permanently and become X-listed on (former and CommuniTraders Forums.



In Conclusion, You’re Welcome!

We’ve taken the first step by welcoming you newcomers and reaching out to you, now it’s up to you to join the forum and start building your community… Whatever your goal is, you can benefit from BOTS, so don’t hesitate to join us. Bring your knowledge, your questions, your strategy, your business, and trading journal with you and help us build up a better binary options community that we all can benefit from. Did I mention the best part? It’s all free! So open up a new thread and start blogging today. P.S – You can also contact us on Info(At)binaryoptionsthatsuck(dot)com.