The Google Trader Bot Scam Review – Nothing to do with Google!

Warning: The Google Trader is Exposed!

Google knows it all, so why not use Google to make perfect trades? Well, good news, Google Trader has done precisely that! Testimonials claim they are already making loads of non-stoppable cash and single moms are quitting jobs left and right. An average of 3000$ is guaranteed per day thanks to it being 96.47% accurate. . . But, is there a catch? Yes and a big one. It may says GoogleTrader but it has nothing to do with Google, or trading.



Google Trader – a Bad Joke?

Let’s not waste time sugarcoating this, it’s a scam. Using Google to find perfect signals with 96.47% accuracy? What a bad joke… So on to my questions. How does this software exactly work? Is it connected to Google at all? Well, guess what, we aren’t told any of that. As usual we are supposed to take their word and sign up because it is all legit. Worst of all, they say there are no risks involved because GoogleTrader knows the trade is going to profit. That’s an outright lie. Trading is risky and no autotrader is perfect or anywhere near 96% successful. Basically, what we have here is a website that claims that they have a “secret formula”, just like any other scam site but this one takes advantage of the name Google.



Testimonials – Fiverr Fever

Yes, the testimonials. Let’s not forget about them. Within just a few minutes I was able to find one of the Fiverr actors (first testimonial from the video). If you don’t Fiverr it’s a place you can pay people to say anything on video for $5. The rest of them are actors too, spend a few minutes on Fiverr and you will find all of them!


googletrader suck

Left: Testimonial for GoogleTrader and on the right; same guy on Fiverr making testimonials for anyone.


This is very common. Most websites online use actors but these binary options scam sites are just taking it too far. What about the Facebook positive comments and hundreds of likes we often see in addition to similar scams? I will just let Veritasium on YouTube explain the “Facebook like Fraud”.


Time for Okane’s Scam Spam

Not yet familiar with my scam spam? Check out my previous review; “Scam Review – Dow Jones Focus Group”. To find out which dirty brokers the scammers are working with I have to sign up with the service but I use a fake email address and name. This time I went with [email protected], which is the email from the previous scam site I reviewed. I went with the name “Scam Artist”. The site then redirected me to UKOption, a not trusted broker. As I always say, don’t take my word for it, read our review that I linked to above and scroll down to the comment section to see the negative comments. Here are a couple of posts regarding UKOptions:

“I’m in trouble in the UK Options. Do not respond and more and my withdrawals are pending or canceled… They stole my money. Another thief.”
– Ralf Jr

In the video GoogleTrader claims you can withdraw within a day and that the broker has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars. Yeah, right…


Bill and Tom Morning Show Report:



Google is Reliable – Autotraders Not So Much

Google is a reliable place to search for binary options signals and you should always do a Google search to check new ones for scams. GoogleTrader on the other hand is just that, a made up scam created to send people to UKOptions and rip them off of their hard-earned money. There was nothing on the website that proved the people involved knew anything about trading and nothing to link to them Google except the name. And remember, anyone can hire a few Fiverr actors and create fake testimonials. Bottom line, there are no foolproof systems, robots or strategies. Read this for tips on how to avoid signals scams in the future.