They’ve Stolen My Profile! Watch Out for the Fake Me!

Oh My, They Stole My Profile! It’s the Evil Me!

On the internet, you can be whoever you want to be. You just have to play the role and pretend you are who you say you are. All you have to do is create an email account and post a profile. What makes it easy for this to succeed is that most people don’t do enough research before they completely trust an online character. Countless times I’ve read stories on CommuniTraders about beginners who allowed someone they have just come in contact with to trade their accounts for them. These stories always end the same way; a horrible experience and the realization they’ve just lost all of their savings to a scam… and the bills are piling up. In a case like that the traders are fooling themselves by blindly trusting someone but what happens if the scammers pretend they are someone you might already know and trust! This is even a greater danger and damages more than just the ones who get scammed. Not to mention it makes you wonder if you can trust anyone on the internet at all? These scams take advantage of new and experienced traders, and also of the good names of trusted community members. I know, it happened to me. This is the story of how I became part of a scam called Binary Pilot.



Fake Profiles – What Comes with Having Many Followers

For those of you who follow me and read my articles or are my online trading buddies you might know that I have some other blogs, like G+ and also recently a YouTube account with my own name on it. I use them for sharing my analysis and occasionally warn for scams or share a link to my recently published article or review on They also work as my own personal but public diary.

Anyway, in the blog where I post most of my trades, sharing and analyzing and all was cool, until a couple of scammers who were up to no good started creating accounts in my name too. This came to my attention when a newbie who had been following me accidentally ended up on the fake profile and he was surprised to see me promoting an obvious scam service. “Has Okane turned to the dark side?” he thought for a second. Luckily he did his due diligence and didn’t fall for it! Nevertheless, I had to check this out by myself so I Googled my name and found their fake profiles and YouTube channel. It was a poor and silly attempt to fool new traders to pay for scam bots and signal services, using the name I have worked hard to build. One relief is that my followers knew better because the scammers weren’t doing so well after all.


Stolen My Profile Preview


You don’t have to be Dr. Lightman, a micro expression specialist from the “lie to Me” TV show to see this is nothing but some poor acting. The product they were promoting is called Auto Binary Pilot and it will crash and burn faster than you can say pilot. I don’t know if the comments they get are fake or not, but if they are real it signals really poor research. I can’t believe they can’t tell a two week old fake account from a three year old account with thousands of posts and valid links and decent educational material.


Auto Binary Pilot


Do Your Research!

Now let’s try to answer the question I asked before; can you trust anyone? The simple and short answer is: “Yes indeed”! You just have to learn how to read micro expressions so start watching “Lie to Me” and get some books about the subject on amazon. No, relax, I’m just messing with you! To be honest, all it takes is some simple research. In the case with my fake profile it was an easy puzzle to solve. There are pretty clear and obvious details to look for in most similar fraud attempts. The difference in my cases comes down to the profiles. One of the profiles is providing real, timely analysis with screenshots and videos of real trades, links to helpful articles and is connected to a helpful community, CommuniTraders along with other social media outlets. Basically, there is a lot of information that tells you the author is a real trader with presence on the internet. On the other hand, the other “me” wants you to sign up to some signal service based only on my say-so, something anyone who knows me knows I would never do. And their videos are nothing but a couple awful actors in a big rented house who know absolutely nothing about binary options.


Click here to see the real Okane/ Hamid Shanbe,

Can you believe this is the fake Hamid Shanbe


Conclusion – Double Check the Facts!

In conclusion, you should only trust me! Well, the real me anyway, hahaha… but how do you know it’s really me? For that matter how do you know anyone you meet on the internet is really them? Before you go joining up with someone be sure to check the facts. Think about why you trust the people you trust? Because they did something good, right, something trustworthy? They gave you good advice, they increased your investments and they were there when you needed help! In my experience trustworthy people don’t just ask for things. In the world of trading, you can apply the same rules. Why do you trust the traders here on CommuniTraders? Because we are there for you in the forums, we warn about scams and by reading our analysis and watching our diaries you know we are real traders. The next time someone tries to fool you into trusting him with your money, even if its me, look at his credentials first. Don’t just give your hard earned money to any old joker with a website, it may seem trustworthy but that doesn’t mean it is.