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Relief Drives Early Market Moves

The announced deal between Cyprus, the EU and the IMF was the primary reason for the early market moves this week. The deal, which protects some accounts and wipes out others, is good news for us binary options traders, at least for now. Binary options accounts are still safe but Cyprus new deal could mean that changes across its banking sector could be on the way. It will be important for me and all of you to keep up with whatever changes may come. All of us here at BOTS will surely keep up with the news and pass on what we can when we can.


As for the markets and the underlying fundamentals of the world economy, there is no change. The U.S. is still in a period of growth and expansion, the EU is still expecting a return to growth and Asia remains an unknown for me. This is another big week for U.S. data, there are about 20 or so individual reports spanning housing, manufacturing, unemployment and the final GDP figures for Q4. Europe is also expecting some important economic figures that will hopefully lay to rest some of the fear that has been reemerging. The comments made by Mario Draghi last month about downside risks remaining in the region seem to have been a warning of what has been going on with Cyprus, Italy and Greece.


As for Asian markets and economies, who really knows. China lets us see some of their data but the country is primarily closed to us and the communist government is well known for hiding important and pertinent information from its own citizens as well as the rest of the world. Japan is another unknown, yes the prime minister and new BOJ governor are working hard to stimulate the economy but so far all they have been able to do is shift valuations with policy and yen printing. Whether or not their plans will work is yet to be seen.




1. SPX May Hit A New High This Week

S&P 500

Call/Put = Call

Entry = below 1565

Expiry= end of the week


My Trading Recommendation

This is one of those tricky weeks when end of the week and end of the month mean the same thing. The month of March and the first quarter 2013 both end this week on Friday. This will probably add some volatility to the markets as traders, hedge funds, investors and the big institutions adjust positions. The S&P’s run to the current level is offering some nice profits to longer term investors and they may seek to take some money off the table. 


In the nearer term relief over Cyprus will allow the markets to return their focus to the other more important matters. The world economy is at a critical juncture, either it will start hitting on all cylinders or the engine of growth will choke out and stall. U.S. data this week should, fingers crossed, continue the trend of improving housing sector and declining jobless rate. This will help support the rally and could possibly take the S&P to a new closing high by the end of the week. Negative data could put the brakes on this but even is it is not as expected I don’t think it will be too shockingly bad.




2. Germany Leading The EU


Call/Put = Call

Entry = Below 8,000

Expiration = End of the week


 My Trading Recommendation

The DAX led the European markets this morning following the conclusion of Cyprus bail out. The German economy is also still expected to lead the EU in its recovery as well. One sign of weakness was revealed last week with some manufacturing data. A slight, unexpected drop helped to keep the DAX capped at 8,000. This week relief and a soaring U.S. market should combine to boost this index back above that level. German data is a little light this week but no less important. Retail sales and unemployment figures will be released on Thursday. I am trading end of week calls on the DAX with an entry below 8,000.




3. The Euro May Have Hit A Snag


Call/Put = Put

Entry = above 1.2950

Expiration = End of the week


My Trading Recommendation

The euro got a nice little surge from the Cyprus deal. Too bad it was a bull trap. Once the EUR/USD pair got above 1.3000 it met some heavy selling that pushed it back below 1.2950. The trend appears to be down and the candles are telling the same story. Confidence in the euro and the ECB has taken a hit over the last week or two and it may take a while for it to come back. I am trading puts with an entry above 1.2950 and an end of the week expiry.




4. Facebook Supported By New Deal


Call/Put = Call

Entry = Below $25.50

Expiration = End of the week


My Trading Recommendation

After reading the Facebook news this morning I took a look at the charts. The stock is sitting on a nice support level (around $25.00) and looks good for a leisurely bounce. The deal to re-compensate investors in the bungled IPO is a good move and will help boost confidence in this stock. I think if I were on the receiving end of this deal I would put the money right back into the stock. This means that there is a possibility of close to $100 million dollars going back into Facebook. I think it is unlikely all this money will do that but some of it will. I am trading a call on Facebook with an end of the week expiry and a target entry below $25.50.




5. Yen Finds Support At The Moving Average


Call/Put = Call

Entry = Below 95.00

Expiration = End of the week


My Trading Recommendation

The yen trade is still on and could go as high as 100 yen per dollar. The prior move, driven on the election of Abe, his proposed plans and nomination of Kuroda reached an end last week with Kuroda’s confirmation. The market has settled down and returned to trend in preparation of expected moves by the BOJ. I think it is nearly a 100% chance for aggressive easing to begin soon in Japan and that will push the yen lower. In the meantime the USD/JPY pair is at the low end of a two week range and sitting on a prior resistance line and the 30 day moving average.  I am trading a call on the USD/JPY with a target entry below 95 and an end of the week expiry.





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