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5 Questions by, VIPBinary Live Chat Support Representative Answers


“How can I help you?



1. What Makes VipBinary Different Than Other Brokers?

“Ok, first, i want you to watch this video, so you can have a better idea-… Would you like me to have one of our professional brokers calling you on the phone now? (Q: Prefer Chat) the best offer we can give you (besides the bonus or 100% insurance) is live training with a broker…the same broker will help you while you invest, providing info and tips on the market… will teach you how to follow the trends, read the charts and more…”




2. What Binary Options Trading Education VipBinary Offers For Newbies?

       “most of the info you need is at the bottom of the main page… the reason why we work with you on the phone is to make sure you are taking the correct options to expire in the correct period of time… we tell you the average prices of the day and we base your decision based on a few things we will provide…”




3. How Big Is VipBinary Bonus Wager? Would I Be Able To Withdraw Without Fulfilling The Bonus Requirements?

“you have 3 options when depositing… depending on the amount you can get between 50% T0 100% MATCHING BONUS… or 100% insurance for the amount you deposit or get half as bonus and half as secured (Q: How much I have to deposit to receive respectively 50% or 100% bonus?)… That would be GOLD membership…to deposit between 5k and 20k or as silver minimum 4k to get both… when you are a Platinum or Diamond member you will have 15 times, when you are a GOLD or below it is 30… any profits you make with bonus you’re free to withdraw any moment…”



4. What Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Withdraw? And How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Profits?

“we need to confirm that you are the credit or debit card holder…a copy of your ID and copy both sides of card…blocking the first 12 digits… we need only the last 4 to confirm… between 7 to 14 business days…”




5. Can I Open A Demo Account On VipBinary?

“As I mentioned before we provide all the training online… thing you will see with your own eyes and will get full explanation every time we suggest to invest…”




My Overall Impression on VipBinary

On the bright side, the chat with the VIPBinary guy was helpful. Nevertheless, I was more dismayed then radiant. The chat left me with an average minus impression; Felt like I am talking with not very interested and not at all enthusiastic person, who was just doing his job and responding me briefly waiting for the end of the conversation. Some of the responses come with delay and some were not very focused on my questions. On quite a few occasions during the chat the guy asked me to provide a phone number so we could talk there. Once they get your number, it’s easier to get you deposited, so why not providing the right info on chat and then calling?



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