Welcome To ThatSucks.com!

ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com) is now ThatSucks.com! If you’re an old friend, don’t worry, we are not going away, we are growing. It’s a new name, but same amazing, brilliant, dazzling, awesome… and modest team. If you’re a new friend: Hello! You’ve just reached the greatest website for reviews of all sorts of financial products That Suck and Don’t Suck. We also have the greatest forum community on the net and we are very modest as you surely noticed!


Why The Change?

Don’t expect some mind-blowing, world-changing reason. In the past, we were trying to warn and protect you from scams in the binary options industry because that’s where the most scams originated. Hence, Binary Options That Suck!

But guess what: now everybody’s trying to get you, not only binary options, scammers. Cryptos, CFDs, Forex, and other such investment products have become “populated” by scammers who are stepping up their game by posing as legit investment venues. So we need to review more than just binary options products and it feels outdated to keep calling ourselves ThatSucks (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck) when there’s so much more That Sucks.

We feel we are ready to start reviewing all kinds of financial products, including “get rich quick” scams but also legit brokerages and trading software from the Crypto/CFD/FX/BO sphere. If something sucks you’ll hear it straightforward from us and you’ll know to stay away. If they’re good, they’re good and we’ll let you know it.


Remember: We’re The Same Team!

We’re here to support and offer guidance, to lead you to trusted brokers and providers while keeping you away from the ones That Suck. Bottom line: the world changes so fast and we have to keep in touch with new scams that are trying to get you broke, so we’ll cover a larger range of products, not only BO. Call it a new beginning, call it a name-change, but know that in our hearts we’ll always be BOTS.