2012 Recap – My Top 5 Binary Options Articles on BOTS


The PROS Choose their Best Binary Options Articles for 2012

By Kolyo


ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com) is probably the most extensive resource for Binary Options on the web. It is full of articles for every one – from beginners to the most advanced and experienced traders. There are strategies and tools reviews, market commentary and even fast tips for the binary options trades. I read a lot of them in the last two months and now I want to share with you my opinion and thoughts on the five most intriguing and helpful articles I found! They are only few of many others great articles on BOTS.com, so it is relative the qualification ‘My Top Five’, but it shows an example for high quality articles I found.




1. The Freedom to Trade Everywhere

The Mobile Trading article by Bogdan opens my eyes to the world of mobile trading. I was fascinated by the way that the mobile phones and new technologies could change the life of the traders and give them again the possibility to spend more time with friends, to go out and to not be pinned to the desktop screen for the whole day long. The author gives a brief description of all the necessary components, which a good mobile trading platform should have – from user friendly functionality to speed and availability for different mobile operating system. After I read this article I feel I am aware of all the things I have to check before choosing my mobile trading application.   


Check out “Binary Options Mobile Trading” Article





2. Left your Details?? Expect a Call from a Broker!

The next article I like very much is the Thomas White insights on the function of the broker’s Customer Support Department. Thomas goes in details of what you should expect if you left your details on the broker’s web page. He explains the role of the salespersons and how you have to deal with them, what you should expect from the account managers and how to leave the broker if the help you receive is less than expected. I like the Thomas style because it combine the serious and the funny parts of the trading world and help people to understand better how it works.    


Check out “Trader’s Tales – What to expect after leaving your details at the Broker” Article





3. Never Heard of Binary Options Strategies?

This article is awesome! It is simple, easily understandable and it shows very precisely the difference between good, bad and scam trading strategies. It shows how to distinguish a legitimate strategy from the great number of fishy scam strategies, which are so abundant on the net. In the article was presented a simple explanation of the basic structure of every genuine trading strategy. It stressed the importance of the clear description of entry rules, exit rules and money management for every trading strategy we would try.


Click here for “What should you look for in a Binary Options Strategy?” Article





4. Don’t be a Sucker – Part 1 and Part 2

This article series written by Bogdan is full of fun and jokes. It shows the funny way what is the real situation in the world of trading. It is really amazing how many people and newbie traders fall into the trap of falls claims and impossible promises from scammers all over the world. The greatest joke I ever hear about traders is the one I found in these articles:  The newbie eventually evolve from a newbie to a trader… but there is another category people – the newbie that evolves into an idiot :) Apart from the funny part these two articles summarize a lot of valuable information for the scammers trading strategies which we all have to stay away, if we don’t want to become suckers.


Check out “3 Jokes, 3 Binary Options Strategies that Suck Part 1” Article

Check out “3 Jokes, 3 Binary Options Strategies that Suck Part 2” Article





5. 60 Seconds Options – What the Experts have to Say

This is the first article on BOTS.com where six of the financial experts and traders share their opinion on a very important topic. It is exciting when you could see so much valuable opinions combined together. The “60 Seconds Options” topic is very alluring because the possibility to trade fast attracts a lot of newbie traders. The clear and profound explanation of the disadvantages of this options type given by different people will be very helpful for many traders I think.


Check out “60 Seconds Binary Options Trading” Article