BeeOptions FAQ – Not Too Bad and Not So Good, Somewhere in the Middle

5 Questions by, BeeOptions Live Chat Support Representative Answers


“Joseph: Beeoptions, how may I help you?”


1. What Makes BeeOptions Different Than Other Brokers?

 “…I cannot speak for any other platform. I can tell you what is great about our platform. First we are a platform, not a broker. We do not take fees, we only require a minimum deposit and you are on your way. We have several great platforms to choose from, which are easy to use. You can chose our 60 second option for short quick trades. 60 seconds allow you to trade as low as $5. You have the high/low, which you can chose from commodities, currencies, indices, stocks… We have a great option for withdrawals, which is our ePayment card. Works like a debit, you can trade with it on our platform, use it to take out cash and you will never be charged more than 1.50 per transactions…”


2. What Binary Options Trading Education BeeOptions Offers For Newbies?

 “I would start with the FAQ


3. How Big Is BeeOptions Bonus Wager? Would I Be Able To Withdraw Without Fulfilling The Bonus Requirements?

 “…x30…Our bonus is Up to 100%… You could withdraw only when the turnover is done…”


4. What Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Withdraw? And How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Profits?

 “Documentation needed:

Proof of identity (ID or driver’s license or passport)

Proof of address (utility bill or phone bill)

A credit card authorization form (CAF) to be printed out and signed by hand.

Both sides of the applicable credit card used to deposit. You may cover the first 12 digits and leave the last four digits visible to us.

Recent bank statement (from the past 3 months) only if you are depositing/withdrawing via wire transfer.

ALL documentation should be sent to our Financial Department at [email protected]


5. Can I Open A Demo Account On BeeOptions?

 “…after you make a deposit, we will set you up with a demo to help you learn our systems and the trade…”


My Overall Impression on BeeOptions – Not too Bad and not so Good, Somewhere in the Middle.

 My overall impression from the BeeOptions chat was neither bad, nor good. It is an ordinary Spotoption broker with ordinary services. The chat representative answers weren’t very fast and very detailed, but still quite exact. The good thing I found during the chat is that they offer ePayment card, which works as a debit card and is an easy way to withdraw profits fast and with low cost per transaction. My overall assessment won’t be very good, but also won’t be too bad, somewhere in the middle.



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