Binary Options are Going to Change the World – Part 2

Binary Options are Going to Change the World… Just Kidding, but Part 2

Have you ever taken a look at binary options ads? The ones with testimonials like “I supplement my income with $1000’s of dollars a month trading a few minutes a day”. Have you ever gave a second thought after watching those? Well, we did and here is a look at why Binary Options is going to change the world… Part 2. (See also Binary Options is Going to Change the World)


Advertising can be funny. Sometimes really funny. Sometimes the advertisers intended the ad to be funny and sometimes it takes a special perspective to see the humor. A perspective like the one we have here at BOTS. The other day Martin and I were Skyping, we do that sometimes, Skype about binary options and the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Anyway, he was pointing out how so many ads for binary options brokers feature testimonials from supposed traders who make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day trading binary options for just a few minutes. As usual, the conversation went on at length and turned into this article. Why are these ads so funny? Only  because they are ridiculous.


Of course the brokers are going to put up claims of wild profits made by the average Joe. It’s their job, business and purpose to make themselves look good, one way to do that is by making up thier own testimony. My question is do they really think we are that stupid as to believe it. They must because these ads are everywhere and they have and ad for everyone, if you can’t identify with the ad in your face I’m sure there is one made just for your demographic somewhere on the internet. The range of folks used to represent the “successful trader” is global, represents most walks of life and reminds me of the Village People, or maybe the cast from a bad porno.

funny ads

Let’s start with This is an Isle Of Mann based broker and GSC regulated as an online casino. Not one of our favorite brokers but they have an ad that fits the profile. My first impression of their website, and the ads themselves, is that it is a video game. It reminds me of sitting in my brothers man cave, in front of his big ass TV screen with some high stakes racing game queued up. The hot raven haired beauty with the brown almond shaped eyes and alluruing purple eyeshadow only helps add to the effect it’s a game. I can hear the screams of the fans in the background, the announcer on the loudspeaker… “in first place…Michael Hodges”…. and then she’ll bring me my reward. Ok, shake it off, we’re talking about binary options here.




I Made $2,860 Trading Binary Options This Week!

This next one is from 24Option. This guy is the “construction worker” for our little band. Isn’t he so cute in his little costume? And it is obviously a costume. He’s wearing that outfit like he’s playing pretend with his daddies clothes. He’s standing their so proud with his hat, and his rolled up paper like he’s an important builder. He needs a tool belt, maybe for his next birthday. . . if he’s been a good boy. And if he keeps making $2,860 a week trading binary options I think he’ll qualify. And I would like to point out, his little statement only makes him seem more like a dumb litte kid if you ask me. “If I did it anyone can!”, makes it sound almost too easy if you ask me. If this shmoo can do it I can for sure. What they don’t tell you are the stories of how long it takes to become a successful trader.


Next up is the house wife. I’m not sure if she’s in the band, or making the movie, or both. She uses her grocery money to stake here trading each week, that’s how she got those smart clothes. Seriously though, doesn’t she look so thoughtful and smug. She’s probably thinking, “I’m so glad I can trade like a professional too, I am so glad I saw that ad, it changed my life”. If only it worked like that. Of course, this platform, AnyOption, is a good one, but it is not so easy to jump into trading. Don’t take my word for it though,we still have one more person to check in with.


Funny Ads 2

Why not take Freddy Mercury’s word for it? Or better yet, his binary options double, featured here in this ad. Mr. Cool leaning there against the wall with his little smile is the front man and leader of our band. He agrees with our workman, anyone can do it so why not you too. He thinks it’s great that mom used the rent to double down on a hot trade. I mean really, they made it simple and you get professional support so why not do it. And you don’t even have to pay commissions of fees! It’s like you get all that for free and the brokers aren’t making any money at all. This must mean this broker is for you! Of course they assume you understand what trading all about.




like a pro


More Funny Stuff!

These ads are funny to us, the seasoned professionals, because we can see through them. The sad thing is that too many newbies and unsuspecting wannabes have no clue how fast the market can move. And how fast you can lose money even with a simplified vehicle like binary options. It’s a good thing that BOTS and CommuniTraders is here to help navigate the waters. It takes time to pick the right broker for you, not counting the time it takes to learn analysis and how to trade using strategy and system.The thing that really makes me sad though is that I couldn’t find a cop or a motorcycle man for my Village People analogy. And if anybody knows the girl in the Marketsworld ad can you get me her number?


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