Binary Options is Going to Change the World!

Binary Options is Going to Change the World… Just Kidding. Part 1

Or am I? With returns as high as 350%, you can make so much money that you can change the world for sure! You can pump millions in to cancer research, education and feed the hungry without even noticing that you’ve spent any significant amount of money. You can buy the biggest house, the nicest car and quit your boring job too. But really, are these promises made by binary options brokers and signal providers truly achievable? How can you distinguish between what’s real and what’s just exaggerated advertisement? In this big jungle of signal services and brokers, who can you trust?


Promises of limitless wealth, safety, vacations and lots of money. Promises of limitless wealth, safety, vacations and lots of money.




The Temptation

Let’s just talk about some of my favorite and ridiculous advertisements that I have come across so far. This one is on top of my list: Even grandpa can trade! Well, actually, I’m sure grandpa can trade if he knows how to use a computer and he is not demented. I don’t know what they really mean with this, is grandpa a stupid and demented person, therefore, if he can trade then so can you? Here is a quite popular story: You can make 200% each day! Really? What about the part where you had to study and practice for about six months? Next to the story there’s always the picture of some happy girl/guy, so overly glad and joyful of her/his winnings.


Binary Options is Going to Change the WorldI don’t know why they need pen & paper, and what’s with the fancy clothes, I thought I could sit at home in my pajamas and trade comfortably. Well, at least I don’t need a complicated formula… pewh.



Let’s not forget about this familiar expression: Risk-free trading! Priceless, need I say trading is RISKY? Yeah, I know, they pay you your money back, so long as it’s just a few hundred dollars but you are accountable for the rest of your losses of course. Maybe they pay you back as a bonus, so you can be stuck with them… FOREVER!


4x50K trades, see what happens Why not just give us a demo-account instead? Hmm, let’s do 4x50K trades, see what happens =)



Here is a common statement among some of the signal providers: The secret of the gurus has been revealedNever lose a trade again, never miss an opportunity! Yeah, it’s been revealed so many times and by so many signal service providers that it’s no longer a secret… The only “secret” is that they are trying to rip you off. 


Secret of the GURUS! – Secret of the GURUS! Hushhh, don’t let anyone else know! I love how they think we will believe them if they don’t round up the win sums, why not 600/hour? Common you can do 7 dollars more Mr. Guru, you’re almost there, we believe in you… No, wait, we don’t!!!



This was just a few examples, there are plenty more desperate and funny ads out there, maybe I should start writing a book about them. I should call it the “Top 100 Hilarious & Stupid Binary Options Ads” – The Secret of the Scammers has been revealed – Never ever be fooled again! Buy it now for only 97.5831 Dollars.




Reality Check – Exaggerations or Scams?

Firstly, I think we should learn to filter out the phoney advertisements and focus on the reality. Trading is hard, time-consuming, stressful and in fact not at all suitable for everyone. Some of the people behind the ads know that you are struggling, they know you are looking to make money fast and they will take advantage of you if you get too desperate. If you are aware of this fact, you can avoid getting lured. Of course, not everyone wants to scam you, there are honest brokers and signal services out there, even though their ads might seem overly exaggerated and phoney. It won’t make them scammers, just good marketers. We just need to separate the two following terms: marketing and scamming. Commercials are usually… NO, ALWAYS exaggerated, whether it’s about the new trading bot or the new vacuum-cleaner bot. Why? Advertising has similarities to comedy, a joke is not as funny if the story behind it is not exaggerated. Ads work in the same way, by magnifying the favorable side of the product that’s being sold you can get more people buying it. More consumers mean more money. That’s why the risk disclaimer; “trading in BO carries a high level of risk…” is always the tiniest text you can find on the brokers/signal providers website, almost hidden somewhere at the bottom of the page. The winning ****loads of money pictures and ads, on the other hand… Are in your FACE the soon as you enter the site. If you think about it, it’s not really a major issue. I mean we did go to the broker to make money, right? So they show us that we can make money. We wanted to see it’s possible. This is why they show us the top 5 winners of the week not the bottom 1000 losers of the week. In fact this type of marketing can have a positive effect too, don’t you want to practice harder so that you can be among the top 5 winners of the week? I do!

A scam however, has no truth in it, everything is just a big fat lie and there is never any proof to back up the incredible claims being made by the providers of the service/product that you are viewing.




Conclusion – Trust m… Yourself!

Don’t let me crush your hopes and dreams, perhaps you won’t stop starvation and maybe you won’t save all the pandas – but you can at least become a pro trader by focusing on learning and spending many hours trading. Who knows, maybe you can make a living off of it one day! All you need to do is trusting yourself. If an offer sounds too good to be true then perhaps you’re better off not taking it, a big bonus from the broker is such an example. However, if you are not sure, you can always seek advice from other people and from different sources! Besides, you should always read the terms and conditions of the services you are signing up on. Lastly, remember that there are two useful phrases: a GOOD reputation and a BAD reputation! What I’m saying is; don’t let the ads tell you what to do and what to believe, let other people’s experiences and reviews alter your decisions instead. As long as the source is reliable. We at BOTS are the reliable source you’ve been looking for, don’t need to take my word for it, see for yourself! ;).  


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