Binary Options Break Out Systems Introduction – Learn How

Introduction for Binary Options Break Out Systems

A simple explanation of Binary Options Break Out strategies for newbies. The next article describes what a breakout is and some ways to trade them. Breakouts are a great way to capture quick moves and can produce big profits for binary traders.



What Is A Binary Options Break Out

Greetings traders! Breakouts are one great way to trade the markets. Breakouts can be easy to spot. They usually come with specific targets and can be found in any time frame. The thing to keep in mind is that there are many types of breakouts in the market. In fact, any type of indicator or strategy could theoretically produce something called a “breakout”. In order to simplify this discussion, I want to start first by defining in general terms what a breakout is and then talk about them in different time frames. After that I will tie the whole thing together with strategy. From there the next step will be to move on to a specific tool or strategy and apply break out theory.


A breakout occurs when an asset’s price moves away from a defined area of support or resistance. This could mean when an asset forms a bottom, a top, makes a continuation pattern, escapes from a trading range or moves past support/resistance. Breakouts can occur in any market, in any time frame, and once identified can also produce reliable targets (which means reliable expiries) for binary trading. Breakouts can be defined by a wide variety of technical indicators such as chart patterns, support and resistance lines, trend lines, oscillators and other tools of trading. The key is to identify an area where price action has been contained.


Imagine a steam engine. While the steam is contained within the boiler it builds up pressure. Once released it causes the engine to move. A Break Out strategy is based on the same idea. When price action is contained within a consolidation area it will churn within the identified range until it bursts out. Sometimes it can be hard to tell which direction a breakout will move so it is best to wait for it to happen before trading on the signal. However, once a breakout is confirmed you can make reasonable target predictions based on the height of the previous consolidation pattern.


  • Types Of Breakouts – Some other types of binary options breakouts include channels, envelopes and Bollinger Bands. These types of analysis provides limits that price action can “break out” of. These break outs are just as valid as any other kind, provide clear signals and potential targets.




Where Do You Find A Breakout

Breakouts can be found in any time frame and can be short or long term in duration. They usually occur during or because of an expected news event or at predefined areas, areas of technical support/resistance.  Once you identify a consolidation area on your chart look to the calendar and see if there are any scheduled news events that could affect price action. The next step is harder, you have to wait for the event and see which way prices go before trading. If prices break to the upside you can trade calls, if they break to the downside, you can trade puts but remember, this article is about breakouts in general.  For more information about specific types of breakouts and strategies, please visit the all Strategies and Tools page. There you will find information on each type of indicator and strategy and how they can be applied to break outs.