Call Your Way To Profit With Binary Options Education?

Full Review of CallandPut Educational Resources for Traders

It’s not my place to comment on the reliability of CallandPut in this article so I won’t. What I will do is mention that when searching for information to write this education review one of the most prominent things I found on Google was a warning from CySEC. A warning that the broker is not based in Cyprus or registered to do business as such. This isn’t unusual, many brokers are not based on Cyprus, what is unusual is that the terms&conditions clearly state that all transactions occur within Cyprus and are governed by its laws. While this may be cause for suspicion where your money is concerned what you can be confident of is that if you know nothing about binary options and want to get started you can find what you need on this website.



The First Look At CallandPut Education Center

At first glance I was impressed with the education center. The broker is based on a platform I don’t use much, TradeSmarter, but is very impressive and I like it. The website and homepage is very clear, well laid out and includes links to the most relevant information you need as well as a sample of the trading platform. The top navigation is especially easy to ready, almost kindergarten-ish but not quite, and includes links to the platform, a list of services, education, banking, information and a contact page. I like the way that education and banking are in the middle of the list, which makes them the middle of the screen, very easy to find. Simply hovering over the tabs brings up new menus with more links to specific areas of the website.


The Education tab breaks down into a menu with two columns; Tools and Market Analysis. The Tools column lists links like about binary, strategies, ebook, elearning, glossary, expiration rates and the asst index. The about link was very basic, just the standard 1-2-3 this is how you do binary trading infopic that you see just about everywhere. The next link, the strategies, brings you to a page with more links to articles covering the basic principles of technical and fundamental analysis. The articles give a good grounding in what and why you need to do analysis but don’t go much further than that.


Next up the eBook which again is nothing you can’t find anywhere else. It contains a printable version of all the basic information you can get on the website. The eLearning link intrigued me because isn’t that what all this is, why do you have a link that says it? Turns out this is what they decided to call video learning and is a link to a set of online video courses to help you understand the basics of trading. The glossary is ridiculously light on words but the expiry rates and asset index are both decent.


The Market Analysis column in the Education tab includes things like analyzing signals, economic calendar, daily/weekly/monthly reviews and news. Clicking on analyzing signals takes you to a page explaining how to understand signals you may receive from CallandPut, not how to understand analysis. The rest of the section makes a good companion to the Tools section, once you finish it. The economic calendar and market reviews help you keep timely information in your sights so that you can trade accordingly.




My Last Words On CallandPut Education

CallandPut has a decent education center for new binary traders. There is plenty of information to get you started and touches all the important bases. They introduce you to technical and fundamental analysis but provide little in the way of real tools to help you that. While this is a good place to get your feet wet in terms of learning about binary you can do better, this isn’t the best.


Please check Martin Kay’s CallandPut Review before proceeding here.