GlobalOption FAQ – Register, The Manager Will Speak to You

5 Questions by, GlobalOption Live Chat Support Representative Answers


“Support: How may I assist?”


1. What Makes GlobalOption Different Than Other Brokers?

“…we were the first Binary Options trading platform so we have a lot of experience… you are in good hands… and will get good training and assistance… no fees, deposit and withdrawa when you wish… payouts as much as 95%… if you register and speak to a manager he may be able to give you a bonus… but if you register now, you can deposit later… when you wish… and in the meantime a manager will speak to you…”



2. What Binary Options Trading Education GlobalOption Offers For Newbies?

“…If you register we will send you the ebook yes… the manager will explain about the course etc…”



3. How Big Is GlobalOption Bonus Wager? Would I Be Able To Withdraw Without Fulfilling The Bonus Requirements?

(Q: Do you have any bonuses for new traders?)… The manager will let you know… after you register… (Q: ok, he will for sure, but I need some basic info before deciding to register!)… you register then you can access real time prices, then you can decide later if you want to deposit or not (Q: and what are the requirement for withdrowal if I have such, could I withdrow from my bonus after some trading?) IF you get a bonus. You will have to speak to a manager about bonuses…”



4. What Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Withdraw? And How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Profits?

“… a copy of your photo ID and a copy of the credit or debit card (we just need to see the last 4 digits)… profits? We only send by bank wire…”



5. Can I Open A Demo Account On GlobalOption?

“… I don’t know if you ever tried to use demo accounts (like on forex platforms), but those systems are designed in a way which make you feel more profitable than you would have been in reality – simply because when you don’t use real money you make decisions you never would have in real time, then you make a real deposit and lose everything…”


“…Write down the entry price of the option you would have traded, your selection of call / put and the result and see how you did. This is the best (and most realistic way) to “practice”. For your convenience, you can find the link “Past Expiries” on the bottom of the page. It allows you to see the expiration rates of all the options from the last couple of days so you don’t have to wait by the computer when paper trading…”



My Overall Impression on GlobalOption

My overall impression of the live chat with GlobalOption is not good at all. Well, it actually started quite good, with phrases like “we are the first binary options broker” and “you’re in good hand”. That’s where it ended. Overall, the support answered very briefly to my questions, not providing enough information at all. But the real frustrating thing was not the nearly complete absence of needed information – the support guy used the phrase “The manager will speak to you” no less than 5 times, and “if you register” 8 times!