Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! My Year on BOTS and CommuniTraders

Okane Summarizing his Year with CommuniTraders and BOTS. How did it Go?

Some time has passed since I joined the forum; CommuniTraders. I would like to tell you why I even joined in first place. Why did I write so many binary options related articles and reviews and most importantly, did I improve my trading? I think it is more correct to ask whether CommuniTraders and ThatSucks helped me become a skilled trader or not? Obviously I wasn’t always a skilled trader and like everybody else I needed to start somewhere. So let me tell you why the forums became my home and how it led me to where I am today!




Why I Joined CommuniTraders?

Snow has covered the ground outside the moment I’m writing this, December 2014. I just realized I joined CommuniTraders last year in the beginning of November 2013! I don’t remember if there was snow at that time too but I remember I had trouble trading and had lost some money. I was in a state where a part of me wanted to keep studying and learning and the other part was searching for the Holy Grail. I was just like the typical beginner I suppose. After all I was losing my trades and needed to be guided in the right direction. Traders in this state of mind tend to fall victims to scammers.


Luckily though, I gave up on the scammers before I spent too much money on them. I thought that if there were any profitable pro traders in this business then I should find them! Thus, my search for a safe haven for traders began. Thanks to my good old buddy, Google, it wasn’t so hard finding CommuniTraders. I’m usually too lazy when it comes to registering a profile somewhere but when it was proven to me that there were actual traders here, I just had to. The proof was the trading diaries and strategies that people shared publicly. Not to mention the daily discussions among the traders and their analysis of the markets. After being warmly welcomed by fellow traders and being able to discuss with them, I was sure I had found the safe haven I was looking for.


Shortly after joining the forum, I got inspired to share my own strategy that I had put together, “Okane’s 15-30 Minute Strategy”. Little did I know, back then, that it was going to be so popular and welcomed by the pro traders in the forums. The desire to improve my strategy and show that it would actually work in practice led me to create my own trading diary on CommuniTraders. Trading diaries are becoming more and more popular and I enjoy reading them. Don’t know how to create your own trading journal? Then you should ask me, because I’m now the moderator of our “War Room” thread where all the exciting trading diaries are published.


The positive feedback and the help from the other traders was really appreciated and gave me the confidence to move forward! Today, I am trying to do the same for other beginners by answering their questions and help them along the way.




Writing Articles & Doing Reviews

To share more of my experiences during my journey I started writing articles for I have been writing about scams, brokers, strategies, tools and other important and fun stuff me and the team could think of. Writing some of the tool and strategy reviews here, have thought me so much about how indicators work. Thanks to them, I learned that there aren’t any fool proof indicators or strategies. Interestingly however, the more indicators I studied the less indicators I came to use in my own strategy. Perhaps when you analyze an indicator long enough, understand how it works and what it does you learn that you’ll be fine without it! So I guess the moral of story here is to learn about the indicators before you use them and in time ditch the ones you don’t need.


Overall, I hope that I’ve informed other traders with my articles but I also slip in some of my silly humor now and then to make you traders loosen up a bit.




Now & Future

I’m very happy I found CommuniTraders and grateful for all the help I got during the year that has passed. Today I still enjoy writing articles and remain active in the forums! Meeting new people, exposing scams, sharing trades and reading diaries is fun. Therefore, my next goal is to become a full time trader, writer and coach. Meanwhile, I’m also working on creating a website to provide some education in Swedish for my fellow Swedish traders. My strategy has changed since I presented it. Actually, it has evolved into a whole new strategy that I have been testing live from August, with great success. Of course I’ll share it next year – here on, so stay tuned.


Aaaand finally, my advice to you: stop searching for a quick and easy way to earn money. Learn how to trade, it’ll take time and it’s difficult at first. But starting your journey here will give you a head start for sure. See you in the forums!