Is NEO2 a Scam? Don’t Let the Sun Come Down on You!

NEO2 Scam Review – Having Some Fun In The Sun With Binary Options Autotraders!

This is an article about questions. Oh, I have so many questions and I need answers so badly… no, no, no, what am I rambling about; this is in fact an article about you getting rich, easy, risk free, on autopilot of course and with the help of – wait for it – weather satellites. If that is not enough, I will add another cherry on top: Michael Freeman is part of this project. Yea, that guy, who admitted on a Youtube video that he sucked money out of people’s pockets and then removed the video. But I am getting ahead of myself, let’s take a step back and ask the first question:


What Is NEO Squared (NEO2) And How To Stay Away From It

Let me tell you the story behind this new and amazing “money making machine” (new and amazing, just like all of them). A weather enthusiast – Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. – who is particularly interested in Solar/Lunar activity and its effects on the Earth, partnered with Michael Freeman to build a Binary Options software that predicts winning trends on commodities by merging Solar activity patterns and “cutting edge” binary options algorithms. I feel funny even writing that and I am ages away from actually believing a word of what they say. However, combining weather forecasting and commodity trading is not something impossible. In fact it has been done before and is probably still used by some traders. Here’s the thing: if you are trading Coffee and you know that a year-long drought is coming, you can assume the quantity of coffee will decrease and usually when that happens, price goes up. It’s all about supply and demand: when there’s not enough of something and people want to buy it, it becomes more expensive.


The premise is good – weather does affect some of the commodities – but the way they present it is flawed in my opinion. And here is where my questions take center stage: How is a wave of heat going to affect a 60 seconds Binary Options trade? I mean it’s not like the Sun has one of those small eruptions and immediately the price of rice jumps or drops. In order for that to happen, the world needs to see a decrease or increase of rice and that can only be seen after some months, not immediately. Then comes the next question: How will the Sun affect gold, silver, copper, or even oil? I don’t see an immediate connection except: Oh, it’s hot today so the price of gold must be up… you know, the sun is yellow, gold is yellow… nope, I don’t think it works like that.


Don’t get bored, I am asking these questions because I know most binary traders don’t. Think of it this way: reading this actually saves you money because hopefully you won’t invest in this cr4p. So, more questions: Why do they show currency pairs on their software when they say it only works for commodities? Why do they show stocks? Take a look:



NEO2 story


AUD/USD, GBP/USD, Apple, Facebook – come on, how is a currency pair gonna be affected by rain and how is Facebook gonna perform if it’s hot outside? Apple? Oh I know they are trading apples, not the company Apple. Yea… no, that’s not the answer but good thing we have Michael Freeman to vouch for the authenticity of the software and for the amazing performance… because he is such a trustworthy dude.



Costs And Performance

It’s Free! Oh, goody, so now everybody is happy, but there’s a catch of course: you have to register now (become a beta tester or something like that) and deposit with one of their recommended brokers. I got BinaryBook and although the software has a button that says “Change Brokers”, I couldn’t get it to work. Online I’ve seen people that were directed to Tradorax and UK Options. Apart from UK Options, I don’t think the others are a major risk but of course caution should be used, as always.


NEO2 Squared



Bear in mind that NEO2 will not be free forever because they are planning to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the rest of the development of the software. When this campaign goes live, you will have to pledge about 7,900 USD if you want to use NEO2. Yes, that’s not a typo; almost 8 thousand bucks if you want to get access to their satellite-driven software. Which takes me to another question (more than one in fact): If the software is so great and produces so much money already, why do you need more funding? From what I saw, it’s a working version that makes tons of money; it’s finished, completed and allegedly makes about 4K per week. I am confused, I don’t understand the need for a Kickstarter campaign. And to top it all off, at minute 10:55 of their presentation, Jack Piers (who if you ask me is too young to have Dr. and PhD associated to his name… but don’t ask me) says that internal testing has proven remarkable results and that their company has generated over 16 million dollars in just 3 short months. Duuude… 16 mil and you still need funding?!?



The Cloudy Conclusion – Should You Use NEO2?

Well, when somebody at NEO2 can answer my questions, I will have an answer to whether you should use their software or not. I think the answer will still be No, but hey, never say never. Until then, there are just too many holes in the story for my liking and I will never use it… there you go, I said “never”. Ah, almost forgot: how come they have access to satellites? Do they own them? Do they rent them? Where do they have the money for that, because Jack Piers said in the beginning of the video that this whole thing started in his parents’ garage? OMG so many questions…