Latest News of 2013 – Ubinary “Flip”, 24Option Set Expectations for 2014 and More Knowledge for Traders!

Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014!

First, my team and I would like to thank you all for helping us growing, guarding and innovating new ways to help and promote binary options traders, wherever they are. Second, I want to personally thank the team for a wonderful work. It’s you guys that help traders learn and protect themselves from scams. Last, I want to wish our visitors, members, team and their families and friends (Someone said Oscar’s?!) a wonderful year, may you’ll always be blessed with love and inspiration, but more important – Successful Trading!



Ubinary Innovates with a New Feature

Ubinary, a proprietary binary options platform and broker, has innovated the markets with a new feature. This feature, called the “Flip”, allows traders to change their mind and switch positions. The switch turns bull trades into bear trades and bear trades into bull trades at the same strike as the original trade. There is only a small fee for each Flip trade but the potential for saving a bad trade is invaluable. The broker believes that this new feature will soon replace the need for Rollovers, Close Now, Early Out and other hedging strategies.

This is how it works. A trade is initially opened at the strike price of $10. The trade is initially in the money but turns and moves out of the money before the close. At this time the trader can choose to Flip his trade, pay a small fee and turn it into the reverse trade at the same strike of $10. If the trade does not move back across the $10 level then the new trade closes in the money and profits. This is a tool with a lot of potential and one that is sure to gain the attention of binary traders.


The Bottom Line – You shouldn’t choose your broker based on a new feature or a trading robot. You need to trust ThatSucks (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck)! BOTS has your best interest in mind. A new feature may not be as good as it looks, a trading robot … well we don’t think too highly of trading robots around here. Choose your broker with care and be sure to read all the user reviews on the BOTS web site before you decide which broker is right for you.



 24Option Might become A Leading Platform of 2014

There’s much that already been said about 24Option. This broker has been around for over 5 years now, yet they guys on 24 keep renovating and increasing the industry’s standards. This broker was on the first brokers to be regulated, offer 60 seconds options, 2 minutes options and still offers the best educational videos out there. There’s only one downside for this broker – returns. 2013 was a strange year for binary options brokers and traders; Regulation forced some brokers to lower their max and average returns. While some brokers are trying to lead the competition by offering high return, others, like 24 and StockPair, prefer to set high standards of trading features and quality of service. In my opinion, 2014 won’t be so different.



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