RedWood Options FAQ – GREAT Support. Well explained

5 Questions by, RedWood Options Live Chat Support Representative Answers


“Maria: Welcome to Redwood Options Live Chat!”


1. What Makes RedWood Options Different Than Other Brokers?

“…We give great service, we have excellent account managers that are here to help you with whatever you need, we have a great platform that is easy to use and works very well, and we have a website with a lot of “Education” that you can use in order to educate yourself on trading and on the platform, and we also offer professional lessons…”



2. What Binary Options Trading Education RedWood Options Offers For Newbies?

 “…you can take a look at it on our website, I think it will be best, that way you can see for yourself… the link is… We have lessons with professional traders, but you’ll need to talk about that with your account manager once you create an account with us…”



3. How Big Is RedWood Options Bonus Wager? Would I Be Able To Withdraw Without Fulfilling The Bonus Requirements?

“…the bonus size depends on your investment amount…your account manager is the one that can assist you with that as well once you create an account with us… the wager depends on the investment amount too, it can go from x25-x30…”



4. What Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Withdraw? And How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Profits?

“…We require a government issued photo ID, utility bill with your name and address on it as well as a copy of the card you used to fund your account…For your own security, please cover the first 12 numbers of the credit card and the CVV code on the back. Documents should be clear and in color and emailed to [email protected]…It takes 2 business days to process the request, and 5-7 business days to receive the funds in your account…”



5. Can I Open A Demo Account On RedWood Options?

“…At the moment we do not offer demo accounts.  We find that traders who are not trading real funds, develop bad habits while trading with a demo account…  We do offer wonderful trading lessons that will teach you to trade much more successfully…”



My Overall Impression on RedWood Options – GREAT Support. Well explained.

My impression from the chat with Redwood Options representative is quite good. The responses were very fast and accurate. The broker representative answers were prepared with enthusiasm and feeling about the needs of the client. It is difficult to assess all the aspects of a brokerage business from a single chat, but at least on that particular aspect I could give positive appraisal on Redwood Options.


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