Stockpair FAQ – This is How Live Chat Should Be

 5 Questions by, StockPair Live Chat Support Representative Answers

“Hello Kolyo. My name is Sharon Porter how can I help you?”



1. What Makes StockPair Different Than Other Brokers?

“…Firstly, our spotless reputation for paying out withdrawals and bonuses. Our withdrawal system is hassle-free and commission-free. Guaranteed processed in up to 48 hours… The second reason that sets us apart from other brokers would be our award winning platform. It is exclusive to StockPair. Importantly, we are the only company who guarantees our rates are directly linked to the market, so you can trade knowing that slippage or any adjusting of rates is not a possibility…”



2. What Binary Options Trading Education StockPair Offers For Newbies?

“(Q: Do you offer any kind of education or educational materials?)…Absolutely, and we do more than that… I can tell you that we have Pro traders on board who offer training and assistance on a regular basis for our Premium member…”

“(Q:   I see there are different VIP programmes! The personal coaching is offered for which of them?)… A different level for each really. But from the Silver account you do receive training. Also you can see we offer Cash back for our Gold accounts and up…”



3. How Big Is StockPair Bonus Wager? Would I Be Able To Withdraw Without Fulfilling The Bonus Requirements?

“(Q: I just want to research now and latter will decide how much capital to allocate! Do you offer any bonuses for new clients?… Yes we do. Also, we are the only company who offers bonuses which do not limit you from withdrawing your investment and profit… If you could simply register your details now without funding I could send you some extensive information about the market and Stockpair. I’m positive it will assist your research… (Q:  is the turnover requirement for withdrawing from the bonuses?)… 30 times the bonus only. There is no time limit for that, and it is seperate from the account so…”



4. What Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Withdraw? And How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Profits?

“… Standard Proof of address, Photo ID, and Scan of Credit card covering the first 12 numbers, and the CVV on the back of the card… We process withdrawals in up to 48 hours guaranteed… No limitations or commissions. Withdrawals are open to you whenever you’d like…”



5. Can I Open A Demo Account On StockPair?

“We offer coaching and training for the premium accounts. If in addition to this you wish to have a demo it can be arranged for the premium accounts…”




My Overall Impression on StockPair – This is How Live Chat Should Be

Disclosure: I had a preliminary impression from their site and from the numerous reviews out there on their top quality service. This chat now re-confirmed all this information. The company representative answered very quickly and exactly to my questions. There were no copy-pasted materials like in so many other brokers. I also liked that their withdrawal procedure is much faster than other brokers have. They process all the withdrawals within 48 hours of their initiation. Probably the most important positive fact about the StockPair service is their extremely accurate price feed with no slippage or price different from the real market. Very important in my opinion is good educational materials, and during our chat I received confirmation that the StockPair has top quality education, including live trading. The other good side of the StockPair service is the wide variety of their trading plans – Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. This brief but accurate and informative chat confirmed my initial opinion that StockPair is excellent top quality binary options broker and could be a fair leader of the BOTS trusted brokers list! Check out StockPair Review.


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