Success is Also an Option! Story of the Month by Ayrex

At Ayrex we often get to hear really incredible stories from our traders. One of the most interesting and moving ones is from Amin Sharma, 27-year-old trader from London, who has contacted us via Live Chat couple of months ago.


From a Taxi Driver to a Leading Binary Options Trader

Amin has never traded binary options before and was working as a taxi driver in London at the time. Besides this, he was looking how to support his family and pay for the nursing home for his disabled mother. He didn’t have any serious educational background, but according to his words, he was always good at math and had a pretty good memory. We started explaining the basics of binary options to him and after a while, he decided to go for the demo first – good choice, that’s why we offer a Demo account. Use it and learn! Instead of opening any random trades, he downloaded a couple of books about trading, registered on different forums and started his own trading diary. Learning was not easy, however he spent every minute of his spare time between rides to learn more and practice his skills on the demo.

It seems crazy but when he finally decided to start the real trading, he deposited as little as $5. Well, not all of us can take away a bigger amount from our family budget and besides, if you don’t feel prepared but you have the possibility to try your hand without the fear of losing a substantial amount, why not do it? Again, not trying to beat our own drum but we give you the tools to succeed and manage risk (demo, super low investments), so make use of them and don’t risk what you are not prepared to lose.

Considering such a small initial balance and the fact that Amin was just a beginner back then, it didn’t come as shock to find that soon enough he was broke… well, he wasn’t really broke, he was just 5 bucks short. And after all, with a 5 dollar account, all it takes to blow the account is one wrong prediction so it didn’t mean he was a bad trader. Anyway, some people would have stopped right there, but Amin wasn’t ready to give up yet.


Second Chance, Because even $5 Matter!

When he contacted us again and asked for the bonus to keep trading with, we decided to give that opportunity to him, because we have been watching his progress on the demo and it seemed pretty solid to us. Amin took that chance and this time it didn’t fail him. Implementing a wise risk management and careful analysing of the markets allowed him to generate a sufficient amount of funds to complete the bonus turnover. Soon enough he started to really figure out the markets and invented his own trading strategy, which he still uses and further develops, tweaking and adapting it to the ever-changing market conditions.

After a while trading had started to bring him more than he ever got while working as a taxi driver, so he had decided that it is time to drop out. His family totally supported this decision, cause they’ve seen how determined and happy it made him.



Ayrex is More then Just a Brand

We don’t talk regularly with Amin and we let him call us if he needs anything (because we don’t want to be “that” brokerage – with endless calls and high pressure), but we keep checking his progress on the platform from time to time and we are really happy to see that he is still going strong, with great results. And you know what? We cannot help but think that we had a small part to play in his success story. He started as a guy who didn’t know what binaries are and became a sharp trader, with a constantly growing account, who usually tips his taxi driver 5 bucks because he doesn’t want to forget how it all begun: with a measly 5 bucks account.


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