This New AutoTrader Will Make Rich 100%! Approved by BOTS!

First Ever Autotrading Bot APPROVED by BOTS is Finally Here!!!

For so many years we’ve been telling you that autotraders and robots are not the way to go if you want to become rich from trading binary options. We were wrong! We told you that you have to go through binary options school and learn the hard way how to trade. We were wrong! Use a Demo, we said; learn and practice your skills. All wrong! A profitable trading robot is all you need but so far, none was good enough. What has changed?


What Should I Expect for This New Easy Money Making Machine?

We were contacted a while back by a team of experts – real traders on Wall Street who retired because their pockets were full and didn’t need any more money. Yea, it’s amazing how someone can say “Hey I have enough money, please no more” but these guys did, so obviously we were intrigued. Their “secret” if I can call it that way, was a common, old and yet overlooked chart pattern that they exploited over and over again. A loophole if you like. We didn’t believe it at first and thought they were full of sH2t, just like all dream sellers, but we were soon proved wrong – and oh boy, I am happy we were – because they started showing us exactly how they trade. They revealed their loophole to us and yes, it works! They even went through all the trouble to hire special computer programmers, pay them a ton of money (probably in the millions of bucks) to code that loophole pattern into an autotrader. In plain English: now it simply connects to a binary options account and trades on auto-pilot, without any user interference. I never thought I’d say this but now even grandpa can be successful with binary options, without any experience needed.


Once they proved to us their autotrader worked, we backtested it and saw it really did, the next obvious question came: Why do you share it with us at Why us and why not build a small website and sell it there? Their answer made sense: “Look, you BOTS have been fighting scam for many years now and you are known for your no-bullsH2t approach to all autotraders and robots. If you test a robot and give your seal of approval, then lots of people will jump on the hype train and we will have a much bigger following. People believe you and trust you and that’s why we want to share it to BOTS users first”.


At this point, I wasn’t very sure what they want to do: sell it, share it for free so I popped the question: How much will it cost? The answer came in less than a second: 10K US Dollars for each copy! That’s when I realized that not a lot of people will be able to afford it and I felt sorry for them. As for me, I immediately thought about selling my car and buying their robot with the money but fortunately that wasn’t needed because they said it will cost just 99 US Dollars for BOTS registered users! Yeah, now we’re talking!!! We tested the robot, it works – in fact it tripled the test account in just 2 weeks – and it’s cheap. Sure, my pride was a bit hurt because I always said that such a robot didn’t exist, but hey, if I can be rich fast without working, I’ll gladly accept I was wrong. These guys proved me wrong, proved all of us wrong and showed us that our Binary Options School is now useless, all you need is this awesome autotrader.



Where Do I Find the AutoTrader?

One more thing was needed: a name for the software. They said that is going to market it so we can choose the name. Great, but now we had a great responsibility because such a great tool needed a worthy name. Then all of us BOTS had a meeting with the sole purpose being to find a name and a few hours later we found one. Are you ready? … *drumrolls* … The new name of the amazing autotrader is: Money Making Money Shaking April Fools’ Machine! You dig? Hurry to buy it because it’s only available today, the 1st of April. Only 24 copies left! Only works on our recommended brokers: You’ and It’


Don’t Be So Mad

Sorry if we got your hopes up, sorry to burst your bubble but we didn’t meet with Wall Street traders who had too much money and retired because they didn’t need any more. Yea, it’s the first of April, it’s Fools’ Day and you’ve been fooled but think about this: F.A.K.E. autotraders and scam brokers make fools of people every day. You are promised mind blowing returns without any major risk, plug-and-win software that can make you millions is available for $99.97 or even for free and your broker offers you a managed account saying they will double your money each month. That’s fooling people! Unfortunately to many still believe these lies, still believe they don’t need to learn and practice and that someone will come from the sky and hand them a secret, a loophole, a Holy Grail. No guys, the only viable option is to educate yourselves, to start working hard and of course to choose a trusted broker, not some shady website that promises diamonds and pearls. We offer you a Binary Options School and a handful of Recommended Brokers but we won’t put money in your pockets. That is up to you! We gave you the tools and you have to build your own castle.




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