This Week on the Scam Watch: OptionRally, 24Option and Why You Should Read T&C

The Weekly Scam Watch – 12/1-15/2014

I dream of a world where I would check to see if any new complaints emerged and I would get zero results… nada. “Today’s complaints… searching… searching… Nothing Found!” Unfortunately we are not living in a Utopia of Binary Options and we still get tons of complaints about Binary Options scams.



Jr Cube Had An Unpleasant Experience With Option Rally… Lately Complaints About This Broker Are Piling Up:

jr cube optionrally experience


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Although I agree with Jr Cube that we are dealing with “downright unethical, deceptive and unfair” behavior, I must say this is nothing unheard of before. In fact, it’s common behavior among Binary Options brokers and the adjectives I would use are far more harsh than “unethical, deceptive and unfair”… but I cannot write everything that comes to my mind. I admit the turnover is high but some brokers want you to trade (deposit+bonus)*30 which is even higher. Anyway, the fact that your money is tied to the platform is the reason why I say you shouldn’t accept a bonus and also why I always scream READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS… please. It’s for your own safety!




Gerard Has A Question… Or Something about 24Option:

Gerard 24Option Experience


Hahahaha… I’m sorry man, but that’s all I can do: laugh. Sorry! Nah, in fact I am not sorry at all, it’s actually quite refreshing. This guy is definitely barking at the wrong tree, asking us how and where to send his documents. Dude, really? Didn’t it occur to you for a second that you should ask… I don’t know… 24OPTION MAYBE?!? Ahahaha… sorry I’m gonna stop now. To Gerard: dude, are you sure you understand what binary options are? Please make sure you understand what you are getting into or you’re gonna be just dinner for the sharks (aka brokers).




24Option Remains in the Focus for This Next Complaint… Or Babble or Whatever:



Aggelos 24Option Experience


What? Whaaaat? Do you know what ROFL means? Rolling On Floor, Laughing. And that’s exactly what I did for about 5 minutes before writing this sentence… and I thought the guy above was funny… Ok on a more serious note, first I think you should use something like google translate or anything similar if you want to make yourself understood. Second, you’re right about the fact brokers make money when you lose. And that’s the only thing you’re right about, or the only part of your comment I could really understand. No, brokers don’t charge fees, and if they do – they’re sH2t. I can’t understand the part where you’re talking about penny stocks, bitcoin and binary options. Actually, I can’t understand anything when I think about it now…




Titan Trade Steals The Spotlight For This Next Comment:

Jonathan TitanTrade Experience


Well Jonathan, Titan Trade had their share of good user reviews and bad ones. I hope your experience with them will be a good one and you will be able to withdraw. By all means, keep us informed because this way maybe other traders can avoid a shady broker or you’ll help them find a good one. A little warning: it’s very possible that when you ask for a withdrawal, your contact person at Titan Trade (or any other brokerage) will try to convince you to deposit more or at least to not withdraw. Be prepared for that.




Binary Options Auto-Trading Software: Does It Work? Here’s what Denash Has To Say:

Denash Binary Options Auto Experience


You’re right! There’s no magic formula, no secret algo, just luck. Most of these auto-traders are just wrapped in fancy words to make them look like the next best thing since sliced bread or hot water. I strongly advise you to educate yourself if you want to trade Binary Options. As for the screenshot: it would be nice if you joined or Forum and shared it there.




Here’s Another Very Good Reason Why You Should Read the Terms and Conditions:

Fred Torres Experience


Let me say it again, for the millionth time: verbal assurance or information coming from a live chat operative is worth ZERO. When you opened the account you ticked that little box that says something like I agree with the Terms and Conditions. My guess is that you did not read these Terms and Conditions before ticking the box… and I am 99.99% sure about my guess. Anyway man, I am sorry for your loss.




 Scam Watch Comes Again Soon!

 That’s for this week Scam Watch. We’ll be here in 2 Weeks time, with more complaints, comments, feedback, or whatever it is you had to tell us, and we had to answer. See you around! Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Leave a comments below, check in to our forums or contact us on Info(at)BinaryOptionsThatSuck(dot)com!