Tip From the Geek Recap – August Trading Tips Summary – First Recap Ever!

August Trading Averaged 70% Returns!


Here is a recap of the trading ideas I have made over the last month.  Some trades have done very well, some I had to exit and a few were never triggered.  Market conditions are changing and so will my strategies over the next few weeks and months as economic and global conditions continue to drive the markets.



Xetra Dax


Call/Put = Call

Entry = 6891

Close = 6970

Profit = 68%



50 Words Conclusion


I made a 68% gain on the German market in about three weeks.  This one barely made it, closing a mere 80 points higher than my buy-in but enough to clear the spread.




Call/Put = Call

Entry = 12,990

Close = 13,090

Profit = 69%


50 Words Conclusion


This trade was another to squeak in just over the profit/loss line.  The Dow made a nice 69% gain in just two days.  This was first suggested on August 13th but didn’t trigger until August 29th.




Call/Put = Call

Entry = $87.00

Close = $88.05

Profit = 71%


50 Words Conclusion


Exxon is one way to ride oil without having to watch the oil markets.  The ebb and flow of the oil industry is mirrored in Exxon profits.  This trade made 71%  in less than 4 days.




Call/Put = Call

Entry = 7050/7280

Close = 7420

Profit = 69%/68%



50 Words Conclusion


The Spanish Ibex made some big moves last month and got the nod on more than one occasion.   The Ibex made a bounce from support and has now consolidated above its next support level.  I traded the Ibex twice, making 69% and 68% in less than two weeks.


Bull Market In Euro/USD Trade


There were a lot of great trades this past month but by far my most profitable was the EUR/USD trade.  The Euro has been getting a lot of support from international buyers as the eyes of the world watch the ECB and what it is doing to stabilized the European financial system  I traded the Euro/USD not once or twice, but five times this month and beat the market every time. 



Entry =  August, 6 – below 1.2450 CALL

Entry = August, 13 – below 1.2400 CALL

Entry = August, 20 – below 1.2400 CALL

Entry = August, 27 – below 1.2525 CALL


Expiration = August, 31 –  $1.2580

Average Profit = 70%


50 Words Conclusion


Each of these trades had an expiration for the end of the month.  The first trade was open for a total of 24 days, the last for a total of four.  These trades returned an average of 70% per trade. 


That’s it for August Recap. September’s revision will available at the beginning of October. Keep on tracking Michal’s tips, an average of 70% return’s could be yours to take!