BeeOptions Education Review – Taking the Sting out of the Bee

 Full Review of BeeOptions Binary Options Education

 BeeOptions is a new binary options broker with a lot to offer. This article takes a look at the website from the perspective of what it has to offer a new or inexperienced trader. Don’t bee fooled by the sharp looking website and hi-def media, the glitz and glam may be hiding something…


Another new binary options broker is on the scene and making some waves., headquartered in London and operating under the licensing body of Belize, has a bold look and some of the best binary options features found today. The broker is powered by SpotOption, a platform we have seen many times before. However, the question before us today is not whether is a good binary options broker but if it has adequate educational resources for new traders and experienced traders too. At first glance it really is a good looking site. My eyes are drawn nearly immediately to the top navigation bar where prominently in the center was a link to Daily Market Review, a good sign.



The First Glance At BeeOptions Trader Education

 The first glance is as you’d expect, more or less. Since BeeOption is powered by SpotOption it has a lot of the same features we have seen before.  The basic About Us and the 1-2-3 How To Trade sidebar are all present. At the bottom are links to information on the different types of instruments ie Binary Option, One Touch, 60 seconds, OptionBuilder etc. On the home page there is also the standard FAQ’s, Asset Index and Glossary along with links to the Daily Market Review and something called Learn More.



Digging Deeper Into The Bee Hive

 As I dug deeper into BeeOptions content and trader resources I did not like what I found. There just isn’t much here and it all leads to landing pages for account opening. What is there is pretty weak. Take the articles describing binary options and the OptionBuilder for example. Neither article included any picture or graphics for reference and only a few sentences on what the tool was or how to use it. I think any newbie or someone unsure of what the OptionBuilder was would leave with more questions than answers.  The lack of substance carries through to other areas of the website as well. The FAQ’s are pretty basic, the glossary is limited, and the eBook is so basic it is almost childish. The one thing I felt sure would redeem BeeOption in the area of education was the market review but I was wrong. This may have been the biggest disappointment of all…


I could not believe my eyes when I saw what the market review consisted of. At first I thought it was a page of thumbnails that would lead to more in depth articles on the four subjects listed.  Reviews are offered on currencies, commodities, stocks and indexes. There are about three sentences under each heading, that’s it. Nothing else. Weak. Adding to that was my shock at what I found when I clicked on the “Learn More” tab. It led me directly to an application to sign up for an account. Seriously . . . what am I supposed to learn more about? The fact that you seem more interested in signing up new accounts that helping new traders understand binary options trading? Is Not Too Sweet

 The thing about BeeOption is that it is not a good choice for newbies. You will definitely have to go somewhere else to find out more about trading binary options. Good thing is here eh? I’m not saying the broker is bad mind you, just that there is very little substance to their online educational resources. If you are looking to get into a SpotOption broker because you like the platform there are much better choices for new traders. As for the more experienced set… The platform is good but there isn’t much there besides that. If you are looking for a more comprehensive broker with relevant news, articles and market updates you will need to look somewhere else.


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