EZTrader FAQ – Casino or Binary Options Trading?

 5 Questions by BOTS.com, EZTrader Live Chat Support Representative Answers


“JohnD: How may I assist?”


1. What Makes EZTrader Different Than Other Brokers?

“we are a NASDAQ listed… part of WGM Services Ltd. (NASDAQ  symbol WGMI.Ob)… Recently taken over by new management under the holding company Win Global Markets Services Ltd (Nasdaq: WGMI),   we poised to become a dominant force in online binary options trading… We also have a branch in Cyprus because of CYCAC regulation … (Q: So What are the advantages to be your client?) well it depend hoe much are you looking to invest ?… : $1000, $5000 , $10000 and up… you’ll be able to withdraw profits and the bonus itself you have to trade 25 times the bonus only, you can withdraw your money at any time as long as you have it in your account but if you didn’t reach the total transaction you will get only your money… and I can tell you that this is the best offer out there… the other company’s will ask you to trade 25 times your deposit+bonus…”



2. What Binary Options Trading Education EZTrader Offers For Newbies?

“we offer risk free trade… and financial adviser… only for $1000 and up… for $10000 and up you will have 3 times a week trading session that you will trade with the adviser online… we also have video tutorial and daily and weekly review…”



3. How Big Is EZTrader Bonus Wager? Would I Be Able To Withdraw Without Fulfilling The Bonus Requirements?

“100%…(wager is) 25 times the bonus only… the money you invest will be sent to your credit card profits will be sent by wire…”



4.  What Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Withdraw? And How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Profits?

“Credit card picture (middle 8 numbers covered) and photo ID… no fees… withdrawal: by credit card in basic account up to 5 days on $5000 and up same day… wire takes about a week… for higher then $10000 we talk in person…”



5. Can I Open A Demo Account On EZTrader?

most of the trader we have a newbies… and lots of them make money from the first trade… with our help…”



My Overall Impression on EZTrader

My overall impression of the live chat with EzTrader is not very good. Actually they probably are the same business with GlobalOption as the chat guy told me that they are also part of the NASDAQ traded company WGM Services. The guy answer not very fast to my questions and tried to make me a client by saying that their bonus is the bigger and their wager the smaller in the industry, the claim that is not easily provable. At the end of the chat after my question ‘Is it possible to demo trade?’ he told me a total nonsense that they have a lot of newbie traders and most of them make money from the first trade. All this awkward moments of the chat gave me the impression that they operate more like a casino and not like a binary options broker. Moreover, he tries to sell me that the wager is lower than other brokers, and that’s the reason I should invest like 10K to start with. Come on, seriously??