TopOption Education Review – On Top of Binary Options Education

TopOption On Top Of Binary Option Education

Topoption is a new broker with a new angle on binary option education. They have compiled the best trader resources of any binary option broker on the market. Learn what it is that makes them so good and why you will want to use their resources.


TopOption is a newer binary options website and one that I think will soon be top on the list of approved brokers. This broker is Cyprus based, CySEC regulated and proud of it. One of the first things you see when you go to their site is a great big banner proclaiming the fact. Regulation is good and letting people know about it is a great step toward establishing good customer relations. The next step of course is to deliver on expectations. At first glance the website is really nice. The standard 1-2-3 how to trade binary is clearly present as well as a link that simply says “Learn More”. Learn more I think may be an understatement, the link takes you directly to the educational resource center and what appeared to be everything a new or experienced trader could need.



Learn More About TopOption Educational Resource Center

 The resource center page was a collection of links to all the available materials. These links are also at the bottom of each page. Included here is the TopOption Academy, breaking news, daily market report, weekly market report, economic calendar and other important information. Nothing here is new so far, I have seen many websites with a similar line up of features. The question before us now is how do the TopOption resources measure up against the industry?


The TopOption Academy is where they keep all the basic information needed by new binary options traeders. This area was actually much more complete than any other I have seen so far. The academy includes the usual how to trade binary options, what are binary options and FAQ section. What it also includes is a description of all the different economic reports that can affect the markets. This is a feature new to me and incredibly useful for new traders of ANY financial instrument. Taking the academy to the next level is the video library. This is without a doubt the best repository of video binary options education to date. There are over 20 videos ranging from Distributing Risks to trading candle stick patterns like Harami’s and Shooting Stars.


The Ebook. Ebooks are a popular way for binary options brokers to attract new customers. A free ebook on binary options trading could be a valuable tool. So far no broker has ever delivered anything more than a continuation of the very basic how-to-trade binary options. Until now. TopOption currently has two ebooks with another in the works. These ebooks are not a waste of your time or memory space. The first covers the Top Ten Trading Tips for successful long term binary options trading and the second expands on this with the Five Steps To Pro Trading. The book together help tie together the basic knowledge into a working foundation for newbies to build on.


The news and market reports are yet another great resource, for newbies and more experienced traders. TopOption has three different news angles, providing better coverage than any other broker. The weekly report covers the longer term outlook, the daily report recaps whats happening today and the Breaking News is just that. Breaking news reported by TopOptions own staff of reporters. On top of that there is also a great economic calendar with all the important data from around the world. This is by far the best news center of any binary options broker I have seen.



My Last Word On TopOptions Educational Resources

 TopOption is the top binary options educator among the brokers. They have done a great job building on the basic knowledge and going beyond what others have already done. The basic education is more in depth, the video library is outstanding, the ebooks are actionable and the news center is actually useful. I can’t speak for the how the broker is because that is not what this article is about. In terms of trader education TopOption is leading the pack. Check out TopOption Review.