We Had a Good Year: What Happened on BinaryOptionsThatSuck During 2015

New Looks, Fresh Forums But The Same Good Old Attitude. That Was Our Year.

The binary options world is every changing, and so is ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com). To find out what’s new around the site you will of course have to read on…


Another year goes by, some grey hear recently appeared on top my head, but for BOTS – it seems we’re only looking younger! We’ve refurbished the whole website, with a new clearer design, easy on the eyes of the hectic reader. It was a great year of our main Designer Nick, who gave his heart and soul in designing and implementing this new look. With his help we’ve managed to completely re-design the reviews and ratings section, making it friendly and simpler to compare between various brokers and services. I want to use this stage that I was given (by myself of course) to say Thanks to Nick, may you continue the Jonathan Ives’ spirit you got you in! And to you my dear team, Bogdan, Kolyo Michael and Okane (Alphabetically order!!!), may you continue your efforts to improve the binary options industry and help new traders, and I know just how much heart you’re putting into this cause. The next 2 paragraphs would not have appeared on paper without your dedication. Cheers!


New and Improved At ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com) Forums

One of the newest additions you will find is in the forum. We have taken all the strategies listed in the forum and ranked them by expiry. We did this so that it would be easier to find the strategies and a useful tool for all traders. The caveat is that not all strategies are approved for use at all levels, or for trading at all. All are well presented though and offer educational value to us binary options traders. And of course you will find lots of great, useful, approved and profitable strategies as well.


We have ranked them into four categories. These are 60 Seconds, which includes a lot of 120 seconds strategies too, 5 to 15 minute, 1 to 4 hours and one day/one week swing trades. If you have a new strategy to add to the forum it is welcome, just start a new thread for each one and then post the link in the thread with the appropriate expiry. I can already tell these are going to be a big hit because they have gotten so many views in such a short time.


Binary Options Strategies Sorted by Expiry



Membership Has Its Privileges; The War Room

Make love not war is a great slogan but on the front lines of trading there is a war raging between the bulls and the bears. To get the latest insights into how the battle wears on, and to share your own experiences with trading, we have the members War Room. Don’t let the name fool you though, this is the place where you will find trading diaries, journals, daily analysis, tips and signals offered up by all of the CommuniTraders community. The great thing about it is it’s free to read and free to use, all it takes is a membership in the forum. And no, this is not where this pitch turns into a scam, there is no need to deposit or give anyone your credit card info, membership is totally free and it does have its privileges.


The Members War Room; Trading Tips, Diaries and News


First and foremost is the War Room which is really what ThatSucks (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck) and CommuniTraders is all about, education, growth and community. All members are welcome to start a thread for use as a trading diary if you are a newbie, or as a platform for providing your tips and analysis if you are already an experienced trader. In between those two things is the opportunity to find tips and analysis on the market, and of course trading signals from pro traders. You can find my Tips from the Geek there new every Monday, and Bogdan’s top five market moving events each week as well as threads from hundreds of other members.



Copy Trading is Possible with CommuniTraders

Yes! Now you can Copy your favorite traders straight into your OWN account! Visit the Live Signals Page at CommuniTraders to stay up to date with the latest signals.