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BinaryOptionsGo Signals Service: Go, Where?


BinaryOptionsGo is Not All The Same – Or Not at All

Surfing the net one day looking for websites about binary options trading I came across this. It is a signal service provided by They claim to be different than all the rest and able to solve your problem of not profiting from binary options. The cost is $97 for two weeks and includes live streaming video signals. They trade numerous assets, provide consistent returns and in fact claim that trading just got easy. I think if that were true then every one would do it and everyone would be rich.


The site starts with a long and drawn out rant about why you need help and how they can help you. They claims they were in your shoes, couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t figure the market out and were consistently losing money. Eventually the author of the page claims to have had an “oh shit” moment with one of his buddies. They put pieces of their two strategies together and created a new system. This system is supposed to work consistently and in multiple markets and time frames. Of course, the system works so well they just have to share it with you.



How Works

This is how the system works. First they don’t tell you anything about it until you give them some money. I tried to contact them and received no response. Basically the provide a two hour trading session each day. This is a live session where they are trading real money and will help you make the same trades. The session runs from 9:30 to 11:30 EST Monday through Friday. They use 24Option’s platform and average 85%, according to the ad. They acknowledge as well that it is not possible to win every trade and seek instead to profit on the week. This is a good idea in my opinion but makes it necessary to take every trade they make.




Finding The Silver Lining

The system, as advertised, does not suck for a couple of reasons. First, they are not stuck in one market. They are trading different types of assets from around the world. They are also not stuck in one time frame. This means they can make numerous trades each day, as they unfold. The system will become very transparent once you gain access to the video sessions and may even be able to ask questions, I wouldn’t know, they didn’t answer mine. I think it could be an interesting tool for learning to day trade. Having a mentor is a great way to learn, I have had one from time to time as I needed to grow my trading and they have always helped.




It Basically Sucked

This system sucks for a couple of reasons but really for one big reason. Its a signal service provider. I mean really? Are you going to trust someone else to decide when and how you trade? If the system works so well why aren’t they out on permanent vacation? That’s where I would be, not working every day providing streaming lessons over the internet. There are some other reasons why I think it sucks. They don’t have a trial offer or any other kind of info. There is contact information, two measly e-mail addresses, but no one responded. The site has a trade log on the screen, it looks like 24Option, but you can’t really tell who, where, when any of those trades were made. They could have made it all up.




The Last Word On

My Last Words On, don’t waste your time. First, there is plenty of free advice and tips from all the guys here at including the community on the forum. You don’t need to pay for signals. Second, they are charging twice what most other signal providers are asking. That’s ballsy. The best way to learn to trade is to get a book or website, usually free or of little charge, where you can learn some fundamentals of trading and technical analysis. Then pick a couple of indicators and start analyzing a market. Do this until you know it and can apply buy/sell signals as well as money management to your account.