My Top 7 Favorites Binary Options Articles for the Year 2014. Happy New Year!

Bogdan’s 7 Best Articles For 2014. Oh, What a Year, We Had It All!

Another year has almost passed… you’ve probably placed thousands of trades, hundreds of new users joined our Forums, we’ve managed to bring you the improved version of CommuniTraders 2.0 and we’ve written a ton of new articles for your entertainment and education. Out of all these articles I’ve chosen 7 which I consider to be some of the best. Here they are (no particular order, but one very special extra):



1. The Best Excuses Binary Options Brokers give for not having a Demo Account.

This one made the list because I find it funny but it’s more than that: it will prepare you for all the bull5H2t that brokers will throw your way when you ask for a Demo account. Things have changed a bit since the article has been written (more brokers offer demo accounts now)… but not that much.


Most Stupid Reasons for Not Offering a Demo Account




2. To Trade or Not to Trade, That is the Question. Make Hard Decisions.

You want a house with a white picket fence and a nice car in the garage? Well, be prepared to make some hard decisions. Being a trader requires a certain degree of coldness and I don’t mean not hugging your wife when you come home, but knowing when to stop trading, whether you’re winning or losing.


To Trade, or Not to Trade?




3. My Biggest Binary Options Trading Mistakes – Read and Avoid.

In this article I talk about three of my biggest trading mistakes and it’s featured in this list because I believe it will help other guys avoid making the same mistakes. I paid money for those mistakes but hopefully all you will need to pay is some attention to this article.


My Biggest Binary Options Mistakes




4. Why We Hate Binary Options?

I love riding my motorcycle but every once in a while I hate it. Usually that happens when it starts raining all of a sudden and I’m soaking wet in minutes. Same with Binary Options: we love them but some things make us hate them sometimes. Read about what are the reasons that can make you hate Binary Options.


Binary Options, Love and Hate




5. Multiple Time Frames Indicators Series – Stochastic is a Big YES!

What can I say, I love my multiple time frame indicators and stochastic is the one I use the most. In this article I will show you how to make use of a higher time frame to trade the smaller time frame with increased accuracy. The technique might seem difficult at first but it gets easier once you get the hang of it.


Stochastic for Binary Options




6. So, Why did you Start Trading Binary Options?

I believe this is a question that all traders should ask themselves. Do you want to trade for fun, or as a side business which can bring you extra income? Or maybe you want to go all in and trade for a living. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s the right thing for you.


Trader? Questions You Must Ask Yourself.




7. Mistakes, I Love You!

Yes, another one about mistakes. I cannot stress enough the importance of learning from your mistakes not repeating them. This article talks about three of the biggest mistakes made in trading. Read them and avoid them.


Learning from your Mistakes




+1 EXTRA: Homemade Strategies: Getsuga Tenshō – A Complicated Name for My Complicated Strategy?

Although I said I would limit myself to 7 articles, I couldn’t help mention this one. It’s one of my own strategies, explained in detail. I must warn you: if you’ve just started trading, please don’t attempt to trade it because it’s well above the novice level. Nonetheless, this strategy generated by far the biggest thread in our Strategies and Systems Forum and it’s widely regarded as a profitable strategy. Keep in mind that the trader plays the most important role in any strategy.


Getsuga Tensho Strategy Forums Discussion




And a Happy New Year!

That’s about it guys. Read the articles if you are in the mood and if you haven’t already and tell me what you favorites are. If your reading appetite is high, I am sure it can be satisfied by the other hundreds of articles available on our website. Stay safe and learn as much as you can.