Searching for Forex Binary Options? You Do It All Wrong.

I Searched Google for Forex Binary Options. This is What I Found!

Watch as we uncover a hidden pitfall for Binary Options traders. Don’t be tempted to search the wrong terms, you may not find what you are looking for. What is the difference between Forex Binary Options and options? Read more to find out.


Is there a difference between these and does it matter? The answers to both those questions are yes! There are definitely differences between Forex Binary Options and Binary Options. If you search for both terms together, you will get more information about Forex brokers and Forex trading than you will on Binary Options.  This may seem like a good choice but in the end it is very one sided and a potential point of confusion for new traders. To choose which kind of trading is right for you it is very important to know how they are different. The differences are huge and when you are searching for information on the internet, it can make the difference between what you need to find and what they want you to find.


 If you choose to only search for “Forex Binary Options” in hopes of learning about Binary Options you will not get the information you need, or I should say that you will not get all of the information you need.  Because the internet is flooded with Forex websites, and many Forex websites offer some form of Binary Options. All the top returns on the search engine results page will be Forex brokers if you use both terms together. There is nothing wrong with Forex or Forex brokers, but it is not the same thing as Binary Options. You must search for Binary Options separately in order to get information on Binary Options.




What Is The Difference Between Forex Binary Options and Binary Options?

There is a huge difference between forex trading and binary options trading once you get past the fact that you can trade Forex positions with Binary Options. Spot Forex, or Retail Forex, is based on spot positions, uses margin accounts and involves much greater risk. Binary Options are also a spot position that can be based on Forex currency pairs, but it only has two possible outcomes, win or lose. Forex trading opens your account to potentially unlimited losses, which is why many Forex traders are turning to binary. Binary Options are much simpler and requires much less capital, there are no margin accounts and no chance of loss beyond the initial trade amount.


If you choose to trade Binary Options and are ready to pick a broker you need to search only for Binary Options, even if what you want to trade are Forex Binary Options. If you don’t, you will be flooded with information on Forex trading and Forex brokers. However, you must remember that when you search for binary you will also probably get a lot of junk websites trying to get you to sign up with this or that broker. Or join a signal service, buy a robot software program or something else. You have to be very careful when searching and only get your information from trusted sources.




What’s The Point?

The point is that Forex trading and Binary Options trading are not the same thing, especially in the eyes of algorithm based search engines. They are based on the same underlying markets and have similarities, but in the end are two very different beasts. If you want to learn about Binary Options you have to search for Binary Options. If you want to learn about Forex you have to search Forex. If you search for them together, you are going to find more information about Forex than binary because of how much marketing exists for Forex. Go to (former, read the articles in our school and learn what you need to know about binary options from us before moving on to finding a broker.