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The Real Binary Bot Software for Binary Options Trading – The Real Deal?

The Real Binary Bot Full Review – The Bots’ Hit Again

Small decisions made earlier in our trading life affect who we are now and also how our trading account looks like. I often wonder if my trading would have been better if I would have “accepted” the help of signal providers or binary robots. Learning on my own how to trade was hard and pretty slow I’ll give you that, so maybe a little help from some binary software would have boosted my trading right from the start. Unfortunately when I started to learn about trading, signal providers and Binary robots were not as common as they are today. For instance, I wasn’t able to use software such as Real Binary Bot but let’s see if it would have done more harm than good to my account.



What is it and how does it work?

 “Earn $1500 per day from home”. That was my first contact with the Real Binary Bot website and the second thing that caught my eye was ”Free Download”. Woah! So I will be able to make $1500 per day, every day and I don’t have to pay anything. Sounds too good to be true… and we know the story with things that sound too good to be true: they usually… nah, I’m not gonna say what everyone expects me to say. Come on, let’s keep the dream alive for a while. So what we know so far is that someone is telling us we can make a beautiful sum of money each day, they don’t want anything in return and if my intuition still serves me right, it’s probably very easy to use that software and I don’t need any trading experience at all. Of course we don’t know who that “someone” is because there is absolutely no info about the company behind the software. But don’t let that drive you away from Real Binary Bot… they just want to remain anonymous… because they have big hearts and don’t want to take credit for all the riches they will bring to people around the world. Just in case anyone is still wondering at this point: Yes, I am being sarcastic.

Once you have downloaded your free software, it will give you easy to understand signals like Buy, Strong Buy, Sell or Strong Sell and also the asset which should be traded. Then all you have to do is replicate that signal on your trading platform which by the way is available straight from the Real Binary Bot. That’s actually a good thing because it saves you the trouble of opening a browser and logging into your Binary Options account, a task which is more complicated for traders with more than one account. Of course, only a handful of carefully selected brokers will be available straight from the app. 





Well, almost all Binary Options robots fall short when it comes to showing performance results. On their single-page website, I could only see a single picture showing 10 trades out of which 8 were winners. Do I need to say that’s not enough to convince me or that it can be easily faked? I don’t think I do, so I’m gonna shut my mouth and let you decide if that is enough for you or if you can trust it’s not modified. In the video available they do show some trades taken in real time (or so it seems) but let’s think about that for a while: the real-time trades are just a few so isn’t it possible that the guy in the video took a bunch of trades and then edited out the losers? For all I know, he could take 100 trades, lose 96 and show me the remaining 4… Overall, I don’t see anything convincing, just cherry picked trades and some testimonials which, as we know, are the easiest to fake.




Is Real Binary Bot a Scam?

Although I don’t believe the software is as good as they advertise, maybe calling it a scam is a bit harsh. After all, they don’t ask for any money so there’s no apparent risk. They only support a few brokers and probably earn some affiliate commission when you open an account with those companies. All forms of financial trading are risky and trading with the help of this Bot is no different because you could lose money due to poor signals delivered by it but this doesn’t make it a scam. Looking at things from another perspective, if the advertiser tells me I’m gonna make $1500/day and in fact I don’t achieve that sum or maybe I even lose money… can I call it a scam or not? Again, you will be the judge of that…




Stay away or dive in?

As long as I don’t see clear proof of good performance, I don’t even think about trying this software. Their website(page) talks about easy money and quick money, things that appeal to almost everyone and spark their interest to try the Real Binary Bot, but in my opinion that’s not enough for real money to be invested in some sort of black-box app/software. Even if apparently they don’t charge for the Bot itself, if it doesn’t perform as amazing as they say I will be stuck with an account opened with a broker I didn’t even choose but one they recommended so at the moment I would stay away from Real Binary Bot.


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