TitanTrade FAQ – Because Only an Account Manager Can!

5 Questions by BOTS.com, TitanTrade Live Chat Support Representative Answers


“Julia: Hello, how may i help you?”



1. What Makes TitanTrade Different Than Other Brokers?

“Regarding your query it’s better to speak with account manager…Please provide me your phone number + email in order to contact you soon…”



2. What Binary Options Trading Education TitanTrade Offers For Newbies?

“…Most of out clients are beginners like you, and it is very hard to make money when you don’t know how to trade, that’s why we have senior brokers that teaching the clients how to trade and how you actually can make money… You will have a personal broker that will do sessions of lessons with you together, it is called online appointment, each appointment taking around the half hour 40 min, he will sent you signals and will open the trades with you together, basically the broker is here for his clients for every question that they have… He will build you money management plan so you will start making profits on a weekly basis…”



3. Is there any bonus program for new clients on TitanTrade? How big is the bonus wager?

“…Only your account manager is qualified to assist you regarding bonus and trading question …”



4. What Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Withdraw? And How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Profits?

“… Once a withdrawal request has been submitted it takes us up to 3 business days to process your withdrawal. It takes 5-10 business days for a credit card withdrawal to show on your card. It takes up to 5 business days for a wire transfer to show in your bank account… In order to validate your account for withdrawals we require all customers send in the following documentation:

1. A government issued photo ID

2. A utility bill or document with your name and address on it so that we can confirm that you reside at the address you have given us.

3. If you deposited via a credit card we do require the front and back of the credit card you used to make your deposit with. On the front of the card you can cover the first 12 digits and on the back of the card you can cover the 3 digit cvv code. If you did not deposit with a credit card then we do not need a copy of your credit card.

All funds deposited via a credit card must be refunded up to the deposit amount back to the same credit card. There is no fee for a credit card withdrawal. Profits will be wired to your bank account. The first wire of every month is free and any subsequent wire withdrawals for that month are 30 USD, EUR or GBP…”



5. Can I Open A Demo Account On TitanTrade?

“…Only an account manager can provide demo account… Sir, please send email to [email protected] for further questions only him can provide you the answers…”



My Overall Impression on TitanTrade

My impression from TitanTrade live chat wasn’t the best. Besides its current status as recommended binary broker on BOTS, I can’t say that the chat representative succeeded to present me their service the best possible way. We say from time to time that even the best broker sucks sometimes. From my unbiased point of view this is the case with TitanTrade at the moment. Firstly I couldn’t find them few days in a row in the afternoon, not at night or late hours, just early afternoon. Than finally on fourth or fifth attempt I succeeded to connect with them! The support representative continuous efforts to leave our conversation and move it to account manager were very unpleasant. They explained in great details why I have to have a personal broker, which will help me in every aspect of my trading. That’s great, but why several of my questions remain unanswered with attempt to force me to contact via email or phone an account manager. It looks for me this is a well refined tactic to make me sign and deposit, but that wasn’t my intention at the moment and I clearly show that. So probably they are good broker, but my personal feeling after chatting with such strong selling person was not good and I can not give fully positive assessment of their support service.   


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