2012 Recap – My Top 5 Binary Options Articles on BOTS


The PROS Choose their Best Binary Options Articles for 2012

By Bogdan


1.      Never Heard of Binary Options Strategies?  BOTS are here!

What can I say, I’m my number one fan, but that’s not the single reason why I chose this article. I think that any newcomer should read this article to be able to recognize a good strategy but also a potential scam or a lame trader that tries to pass for a Guru. The Binary Options industry is full of marketing tricks and “false prophets”; a newbie’s first step should be learning the basics of the trade business and a close second step is to avoid scammers that promise overnight riches with “no risk”. You can find the article here:



Never Heard of Binary Options Strategies?





2.      Weekly Binary Options Trading Briefing

By Richard Cox

Although I chose a particular article, the real thing I want to talk about is the entire section written by Richard Cox: this dude is the real deal and believe me, I’m not just saying that because we write on the same website. He has a solid grasp on what trading is all about and excellent analytical skills. I’m not easily impressed, but he convinced me about his expertise and knowledge. Don’t enter the market without first checking his weekly briefing. You can find his articles on the first page and here’s the link to the article for this week on:




Weekly Binary Options Trading Briefing by Richard Cox







3.      Trader’s Tales – Igor the (Occasionally Drunk) Shark

By Thomas White

This one really made me laugh. Let’s face it, we are always thinking about support levels, direction, what’s the best choice between a Call and a Put and I am always happy to read something that puts a smile on my face. I definitely want to see more of this type of article especially because on top of being funny, it’s educational too: it teaches us that if we are going to trade and drink a whole bottle of Vodka at the same time, we might as well buy two bottles – one for the morning after, when we realize that our account is busted. You can read the whole article here:


Igor the Shark





4.      Free Binary Options Demo Accounts – Rumors of Truth?

By Martin K.

This article touches a very sensitive subject in my opinion: Demo accounts or rather the lack of Demo accounts. I can’t understand why brokers chose not to offer demo accounts; maybe because a potential customer will see some of their flaws or the fact that the platform sucks. Anyway, brokers just come up with idiotic excuses about the reasons why they don’t offer Demo accounts and this article talks about those excuses and also about ways that can be used to get a Demo account. The article is informative and written in an easy to understand manner. You can find it here:




Binary Options Demo Accounts – Rumors of Truth?







5.      6 Opinions, 60 Seconds – Expert Traders on 60 Seconds Options

This type of options with extremely short expiry times are constantly gaining more and more popularity as most new traders jump right in the middle of the action, chasing overnight riches and a gold plated Ferrari. Sometimes good information is hard to come across and an unbiased opinion is even harder. In this article you can find 6 different views on the same aspect: 60 second Binary Options. After reading it you will probably find it easier to judge for yourself if this kind of Binary Option is for you or not. You can read the full article here:




Expert Traders on Binary Options 60 Seconds Options