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Binary Informer Signals – The Speed of a Rocket and the Precision of an Eagle?!?

Full Review of the Binary Informer Binary Options Signal Service

Binary Options signal providers, software, bots… my “favorite”. Every time I start reviewing such a signal/bot, I am prepared to be bored by the long sales pitch, but almost all the time they surprise me and I can’t help but laugh at their mambo jambo. However, this guy Sean Walker tops them all by making some Epic claims. Prepare to be wowed, but don’t pull out your wallets.


 the binary informer signalsScreenshot Taken from the video


What is Binary Informer and how does it work?

To put is simply, Binary Informer (also known as Binary Spy) is software that generates trading signals which you will use to make profitable trades with amazing accuracy, achieve financial freedom and unimaginable amounts of money. In fact, I think you will probably need a wheelbarrow just to take all your money to the bank. However, all that is just talk and as the great Albert Einstein said: “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not”. Anyway, let’s see what Sean Walker has to say about his software because all we know so far is what he tells us: according to him, Binary Informer identifies trading opportunities by being “connected directly to the major banks’ servers” – wait, wait, the major banks allow that? Not in a million years. The only other possibility is none of the big banks notice there’s some sort of outside software implemented in their servers. Ok, so his software eludes and goes unnoticed by all the major banks security systems… he is that good… I’m sorry, but it sounds too James Bond-ish for me.


Right from the start of the video (by the way, the website only contains a video, no other information about him) he starts some sort of Binary Options – Forex war which is totally unnecessary and uncalled for. He states that “Forex trading has become extremely dangerous due to economic instability” – sure, I agree with this; all financial market trading is risky – and “also because of the freedom the Forex brokers are getting in interpreting market prices the way they want” What’s up with this guy and Forex? He must have lost big time trading FX and this is his revenge? Price is not interpreted by Forex brokers although there are differences between quotes offered by brokers as the foreign exchange market is not centralized so that’s perfectly normal. Binary options brokers on the other hand admit publicly they are offering the option at the price they see fit. See below some of the things Binary Options brokers write in their Terms and Conditions (the names are undisclosed on purpose):


The performance of your Binary Options Contract will depend on the prices set by “Company name A”

Although “Company name A” expects that these prices will be reasonably related to prices available in the market, “Company name A’s” prices may vary from prices available to banks and other market participants.

The “Company name B” will quote prices at which it is prepared to deal with the Client

“Company name B’s” prices are determined by the “Company name B” in the manner set out in the enclosed terms.


He then goes to say that “Forex is DEAD…” Wow, that’s a new one… I wouldn’t call a market with about $5 TRILLION daily turnover “Dead”. Pretty high activity for a dead market… I guess it must be a zombie; a busy one… mmmm brains… money… brains. Further he tells me that in binary options trading there are only 2 possibilities: win or lose. Ok, let me think about the number of possibilities in Forex… 2 – win or lose. The video seems to be focused more on bashing Forex and praising Binaries than on showing how his software works. Anyway, once you finish watching the long video you can enter your e-mail address and download the software but… surprise, surprise, you have to sign up with a broker first. I will not name that broker here because I don’t want them to get free publicity, but I will tell you I never heard of them and wouldn’t recommend you to sign up. Of course, I didn’t open an account so my experience with Binary Informer stopped there and I didn’t get to witness the “awesomeness” of the software.




Costs – Too high!

In the beginning of the video and several times throughout, Mr. Sean Walker (ah, how I like these made up American names) assures us the software is Free. His webpage contains a video window, the words ”Nothing to pay, not now and not ever” are below that window and you will also notice an e-mail box and an Instant Access button. After seeing all that, I can safely assume it’s free, right? Well, that’s not the case and towards the end of the video he tells me I will get a 60 days money back guarantee. The price you have to pay is $19 (you will be directed to a Members Area once you enter an e-mail and click the Instant Access button) but while hitting the back/forward button on my browser, I also got a price of $39 so the real price is a mystery. No matter what the cost is, you will have to deposit money with that broker I mentioned earlier – not a good idea if you ask me. 




Performance – Too low!

The performance of this marvel of technology will bring you 96% accuracy… if you choose to believe the guy, although I can’t think of a single reason why you would do that. Anyway, he also says that draw down is not an issue since the signals never lose. But basic logic and math tells me that 96% doesn’t mean 100% thus “96% accuracy” contradicts “never lose”. There is no solid proof of performance other than a few pictures which I cannot consider convincing to say the least. The dude tries to get people to pay him and sign up with a shady broker by saying his software “Hunts for profitable trades with the speed of a rocket and precision of an eagle” and “I simply make money regardless of what happens in the market”…  Priceless, just priceless.




Do I want to use the Binary Informer software?

Definitely not! There is no reason to do so or at least the seller doesn’t provide a valid one except maybe: “I want to help people live a better life”… ohh, that’s so cute and heartwarming; I feel a tear drop coming… I won’t buy it and I won’t join that broker just because he says I will live a better life with the help of his software which taps into the banks’ information and identifies early trends using some algorithmic-something and even that his friend Steve talked to him about state of the art radar systems and he implemented that into binary options trading… yea, I didn’t mention that before. My opinion is either the dude lost it or he thinks we lost it and we are going to believe everything he mumbles.