Don’t Look For Trading Signals in all the Wrong Places

Looking For Binary Options Signals? CommuniTraders Calling

If you are looking for an signal service provider the task can be challenging. While at first glance it may seem easy to find one, and it is, the hard part is in finding one you can trust. The internet is flooded with offers, websites and information leading you to a host of free signal services with claims of 60, 70, 80, 90 and even 100% success rates, guaranteed! The trouble is that most of it is total BS, many of the offers are scams and some are in collusion with or actually operated by shady brokers. Why would they do this? Because they want you to deposit some money and then boldly go into the market place armed with your trusty signals and lose your ass. What better way is there for them to make money than to have a Pied Piper of trading lead them hogs to the slaughter house?


Now that I have your attention lets get to the point. Trading with signals is OK, the average run-of-he-mill SSP is not OK. Everybody has different needs and that is why there are different ways to trade. What works for one trader may not work for another, some traders may want to seek out their own opportunities while others may wish to opportunities presented to them. It doesn’t matter so long as you choose to follow the right signals. How to know which ones to follow is the hard part. The internet is a an open playing field rife with fraud where web masters can hide behind digital shields in order to lure in the unsuspecting trader and to be honest, binary options is a hot bed of activity.


So, where can you get good, reliable, honest, trustworthy signals for trading binary options? If you haven’t already guessed I am going to say and more specifically Communitraders 2.0. These two websites, with my help and the help of many talented traders, offer totally free no-strings-attached doesn’t require a deposit follow who what when you want to binary options signals. Seriously. For starters, I write the Tips From The Geek every week which are my trading ideas on five of my top traded assets. I support the article with trades on the Communitraders demo platform and in the forums. You can read my tips, follow my advice or tell me how wrong I am.





What’s The Point, Communitraders is a Signal Service Provider?

The point is that Communitraders is a perfect platform for getting signals. Its a great place for signal providers to show off their stuff and it is a great place for traders to come and find real honest live trades from real people. If you haven’t used Communitraders yet let me give you a brief summary: It is a social trading platform for binary options that includes a forum and demo trading platform. As a source of trading signals it is unrivaled for many reasons and is totally free. All you have to do is sign up and create a profile. Profiles are probably the most important distinction between this and any other signal or copy trading on the market today. The profiles at CT are the most comprehensive there are and include not only idle trading data such as win rates but more useful information like which assets and strategies are the best performers for each trader.


What really makes the profiles stand out is the forum. A profile is nothing more than a baseball card if there is no substance behind it. The forum allows each trader to introduce themselves and add to the conversation. As a trader I search of signals you can use the forum to check up on those you may want to follow. Believe it or not it won’t take you long to figure out who is legit and who isn’t simply by reading their posts. Real traders stand out by providing insights into current events along with trade ideas, scammers stand out by providing links to their sites and reasons why you should follow them. As they say, lead by example for best results…





The Action Is Happening On CommuniTraders!

All the action happens in the forum, but that action is centered around the demo platform. Communitraders has a fully functioning demo trading platform that allows users to “trade and share”. This means that your trade is posted to the forum, yeah baby the forum, where everyone can see it. This means that signal seekers and copy traders can find, follow and copy the trades of the traders they already know and respect. If I haven’t convinced you by now that Communitraders is not only a good place to find signals but the right place to find them let me recap for you. Communitraders is a free, no strings attached social trading platform with full profiles supported by a forum with easy to find and follow trade signals from the top trusted traders on the system.