Trading School – PhD Section

Oh… hats off to you! You’ve made it through our school and you still want to learn? Here you will find out how to become a Master of Binaries, but you will also learn what a Binary Options Sucker is and how to avoid becoming one. Having problems with guys Selling you Binary Options, or Selling you Signals? Don’t take any of their cheap advice… after all, you’ll be a “PhD” of Binary Options. Here you’ll also find some fun reading for Binary addicts. Have a break, eh?


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Welcome To PhD!



What Can I Find In PhD?

Binary Options Master

You wanna be cool? Here you will learn how to impress your date with your Binary Options knowledge. We will also teach you how to build your own Binary Options Strategy and also how to make money from money. Sounds good? Start reading.



Binary Options Sucker

In this section you will learn what not to do and how to avoid becoming the sucker who always loses. Also, you will find some fun reading in the “Trader’s Tales” series.



Selling you Binary Options

Nowadays everybody is selling something. Learn to read through the lines and especially to see beyond all the marketing that is being thrown in your face by marketing gurus. Learn about free bonuses and free money to trade binary Options. Also, learn why a 5 out of 5 stars rating is not always a guarantee for success.



Selling you Signals

Learn why something Free is not necessarily good and read why you should stop following signal sellers. You will also find a funny article about YouTube advertisers who try to make you think they have the Holy Grail of trading and they want to share it with you… for free, of course.



Extra Reading

In this section you will find exactly that: extra reading. It’s your last step before completing the school. Read about Zodiac Trading (yea, I didn’t know that existed), Bitcoin – the next Hot asset, Mobile trading and how some Forex brokers are starting to move towards Binary Options by offering them on the most popular platform, Meta Trader 4.

That’s It! You’re now a Real Binary Options Trader. Trade Smart, and Share your experience with us on CommuniTraders Forum!

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