Trading School – College Section

What? You’re still here? You must be really determined to become a trader. Good for you because if you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach.


Although you’ve come a long way, you still have a lot ahead and the College section of our School is the boarding station for Pro-Town; this is the place where you actually Become a Trader. Understand the fundamentals, master your technicals. Learn all about trading tools and pick your strategies. This is where you take one step closer towards trading for a living!


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Welcome to College!


What Can I Find In College?


The technical part of trading is as important as any and in this section you will learn about tools and indicators, you’ll find info about Moving Averages and about trading candlesticks. You will also get guidance about choosing the right expiry time and The Geek will reveal his top 5 tools and indicators.



Become a Trader

Here you will learn how to put together what you’ve learned so far in a way that will improve your trading prowess. You will also learn what NOT to do and how to make hard decisions… they are a part of trading as well.




The macro-economic scene is hard to grasp and takes a lot of patience. Here you will learn how to approach news trading but also about four of the most popular asset classes, which are offered by almost all brokers, CFD and BO alike.




This is the bread and butter of every trader because a solid strategy is a must when it comes to trading online. What is a trading strategy and how to test its accuracy? You’ll find it all here, plus a collection of the best strategies.



Taking Off

Finally! You are almost ready to start trading for a living and in this section we make the final preparations for that.



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