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TiG Wave Indicator: Wave Goodbye to Your Money


Full Review of the TiG Wave Indicator for Binary Options Trading

The TiG Wave Indicator is a proprietary trading tool created by the team at The Indicator Guys Limited. The Indicator Guys operate a website providing this and many other signals to traders using a wide variety of platforms. The TiG Wave Indicator, like all of the indicators here, is available for platforms like Esignal, TradeStation, MetaTrader 4 and others.



What Is the Indicator Guys Wave Indicator

This indicator is based on waves that occur naturally in the world. These waves are present in the financial markets and can be detected through charting and mathematical formulas. This is very similar to work done by the famed mathematician Fibonacci and more recently by traders like Elliot and Bollinger.  It consists of three different waves that when used together can produce very powerful signals. The first wave, wave A, is short term and can give off three different signals, just like the second wave. The second wave, wave B, is based on a longer time frame and like the first wave can give off three different signals. These first two waves can be used independently of each other or in conjunction, depending on your trading style. The third wave, wave C, is the trend following wave and the one that tells you which side of the market to play. If wave C is above the zero line you should make bullish plays and when it is below zero you should make bearish plays.


Wave A and wave B give off signals whenever they cross the zero line. If wave C is above the zero line then waves A and B give off signals when they cross above the zero line from below. If wave C is below the zero line then waves A and B give off signals when they cross below the zero line from above. One great thing about this indicator is that it incorporates more than one time frame in the chart patterns and because of this it can confirm itself. If both A and B waves are giving off a signal at the same time it is more powerful than when only one of them is signaling. The most powerful signals occur when all three waves cross the zero line together.


How to get this indicator you may ask? It’s easy, click on this link and it will take you the website. Then all you have to do is order and download.



Why the TiG Indicator Does Not Suck

This indicator, based on the limited amount of available information, seems to be a trend following oscillator and that is why it does not suck. Trend following oscillators are great tools for binary options traders and are the basis for much of my trading. This indicator does not suck for another reason, multiple time frames. This indicator uses a blend of long and short term wave indicators with a third trend indicating wave that helps to weed out whipsaws and false signals. The use of multiple time frames is one great way to help pinpoint entry and exits as well as direction for trades.


 TiG Wave Indicator



Why the TiG Wave Indicator Sucks

I don’t know if this indicator works or not. I don’t know if it is based on sound theory or not. I do know that it sucks and sucks hard for one big reason. You have to pay close to $1000 to get it. There are too many absolutely free indicators with proven track records to go and blow a grand on this one. I’m sorry guys but I have to say it, your indicator sounds like MACD and I can use that for free. You could even create your own wave style indicator by using MACD with different settings and then super imposing them on each other.


I am interested in knowing more about the indicator but there is no way they are going to tell me. Once the word gets out as to how it works and what the formulas are based on they won’t be able to stick a price tag on it anymore. They may be better off offering a signal service based on their indicator, but I guess if it was good enough for that they would be.



My Last Word on the TiG Wave Indicators

This indicator sounds like it could be a good one only there are two problems. First it is a proprietary signal. The formula and methodology behind the indicator are hidden and not likely to be shared with the average trader, especially someone like me who spends his days disseminating information across the internet. The second is that it costs a lot of money. There are just too many indicators available for free for me to recommend anyone to pay for one. Seriously, if the indicator was that good and really worth the money don’t you think we would have heard about it by now?



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