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U.S. Recovery Could Lead The World Higher

I want to say that the U.S. NFP number last Friday was shocking.  I say this as a person who watches and trades the economy, as a person who watches and tracks unemployment data and someone who is bullish in the near-to-mid term. I follow this number closely, have many opinions about it and have been reasonably right in predicting it over the last few months. The consensus expectation of 7.9% was shattered by the 7.7% reported. I was fairly certain that the number would come in as expected or maybe, and this was a big maybe in my mind, beat by a tenth. This number goes a long way toward proving all of us economic bulls right, at least for now. There is still a big chance of a melt down due to the record high assets purchases going on around the world but there is no sign of that now. The signs are still bullish, even though everyone seems pretty skeptical, so must remain bullish.


The German trade balance numbers released this morning support an idea I had last week. An increase in imports American as revealed by our own trade balance could lead to growth abroad. This would be especially true if jobs picked up. The Germans reported an increase of exports of 1.9%, also a sign that the expected German first quarter rebound could be happening as expected. It is possible that both the German/EU economy could gain traction at the same time the U.S. economy gains traction. Too bad it’s a whole month until we get new data points for these series.




1. The S&P 500 Hit New Highs

S&P 500

Call/Put = Call

Entry = Below 1550

Expiration = End Of The Month


 My Trading Advice

The S&P hit new highs last week following the strong unemployment and jobs figures. These numbers are coinciding with an expectation of job growth for this spring and a very bullish sign. The housing market has been stabilizing for over a year, showing steady improvement the whole time. This growth is expected to continue and improve into the summer, driving an increase in GDP.


The MACD and stochastic are bullish on the weekly and daily charts, making me bullish as well. The index is a little extended here and could pull back but I am confident of a close above 1550 at the end of the month. Because I expect a pullback I will also be targeting lower entry points possibly below 1540. 




2. Germany Leading EU Recovery


Call/Put = Call

Entry = Below 8000

Expiry = End Of The Month


My Trading Advice

There are still headwinds in Europe but Germany will lead the EU in its recovery later this year. The German economy is expected to rebound sharply as early as this quarter and so far the data supports this. European shares finished in mildly negative territory today which isn’t really a surprise since many of the indexes made new 5+ year highs last Friday. Today’s modest declines are also due to several events centered around Italy. The ongoing saga of Mario Burlusconi and the Italian elections has caused Moody’s to downgrade Italian credit ratings. The political uncertainty places risk in the region high, if it were to spread more it could hurt the EU recovery as a whole.


German trade balance figures suggest that my theory of world growth has a real possibility of being right. America is showing signs of growth that are being confirmed in Germany. If the U.S. data keeps staying strong, and the German data keeps staying strong these markets will keep moving up. There is a chance that the DAX could make a pullback going into the week, shadowing the S&P. However, some of my entries did not trigger last week because I was too conservative with my entries I will not risk missing an expected move up this week. I am trading call with a target entry below 8000.




3. The Euro Could Slide Going Into Next Month


Call/Put = Put

Entry = Above 1.2995

Expiry = End Of The Week


  My Trading Advice

My trade in the EUR/USD pair almost made it last week. Expected policy changes did not emerge at this months meeting but the chances for those changes has increased for next month. Many analysts think, or thought, that the ECB would lower its target rate at their meeting last week. This did not happen but new signs have emerged that it could happen as soon as next month. A strengthening U.S. economy and lower rates in Europe could send the euro sliding. Until that happens though I am also expecting some weakness on the expectation and fear this idea will cause.




4. Japan Swelling On Yen Feast


Call/Put = Call

Entry = Below 12,350

Expiry = End Of The Month


 My Trading Advice

The Japanese economy is swelling on yen policy. Japanese corporations are posting bigger nationalized profits due to the sliding exchange rate of the yen versus other world currencies. The Nikkei is currently up over 20% this year due to the policy of Shinzo Abe and the BOJ and also making new 5 year highs.  This policy is expected to continue and even increase in aggressiveness so the Nikkei should keep increasing in value. I am trading calls on the Nikkei with an entry below 12,350 and an end of the month expiry.




5. Is The Yen A Guaranteed Trade?


Call/Put = Call

Entry = 96.25

Expiry = End Of The Month


  My Trading Advice

Shinzo Abe could get his wish. Opposition parties have indicated support of BOJ Governor nominee Haruhiku Kuroda which means he could be confirmed this week. He has vowed swift action in battling the sluggish Japanese economy and will implement new actions “quickly”.  I expect to see a big pop in the USD/Yen trade this month as or soon after Mr. Kuroda is confirmed.







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