Virtnext – Virtually a Scam with Extraordinary Claims!

Virtnext Make Easy Money AutoTrader – Review and Opinion!

Want a free lunch? Well, there are no free lunches. That’s what the guy in the Virtnext video says . . . right before he goes on to offer us a free “lunch”. In this case, the “free meal” means the auto trader Virtnext. The algorithms used are really accurate, so accurate that it only had one losing day in 4 years! Or so he claims, but you know what they say; “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Here at BOTS, we already know there are never any evidence coming from scam sites like these, not evidence you can trust. We also know the crap these guys say can be pretty funny.

Claims it has lost once in 4 years… HAHA, let me spell it out for you: lost ONLY ONCE in FOUR YEARS! Yeah, they claim it had one losing day, in 4 years. Some people say, if you want to lie, make it a BIG lie. . . This one is a whopper.


Virtnext – An Expensive Lunch!

Free lunch huh? Let me first state the obvious here, Virtnext is not different than any other scam that we have exposed before. It’s a basic, text-book, scam. Starts off with an auto-played video that keeps going on and on about how amazing this auto trader is and how they have discovered the secret formula to making millions. It delivers no proof of any kind and as usual, claims it is a limited offer and free of charge. In case you are not familiar with similar scams, free is never really free. They always require you to sign up with a bad broker – emphasis on the “bad”. Next thing you know your deposit will vanish.

I always say this in my reviews, don’t just take my word for it, do your own research! Here is a video I found on YouTube, this girl shows how fast you can lose money with Virtnext. You can find many negative comments and reviews on this so this isn’t the only one.



Scam Spam to Reveal the Truth!

Time to have some fun with this scam. Once again we are asked to sign up or else we will miss this “wonderful & limited” opportunity to make millions and our children will starve to death and our dreams will be crushed. And once again, we are no fools, we know better! However, to fully uncover the truth I signed up using the email address of a scam I have already uncovered.

Immediately I saw a trend that I recognized. A while ago, I reviewed the Dow Jones Focus Group scam and they had photoshopped various online news sites like CNN and twisted stories to seem as if the news sources were writing about the Dow Jones Focus Group. Now Virtnext was using the same method! Fake photos of newspapers with stories about Virtnext. Perhaps the people behind the Dow Jones scam are the same as the people behind Virtnext? Just to give them the benefit of the doubt, I searched CNBC to see if the story checks out and this is what I found:

Fake photoshopped story to the left – Original story to the right. Also, there is no author named John Stark on CNBC.

After signing up, I found out that the broker working with them is called Bloombex Options. Would you be surprised if I said we already have a review of Bloombex Options and it is absolutely not a trusted one? By the way, if you read that review, scroll down and read the comments too. You will find many horror stories and from what I can see, the broker has a history of working with other so called “accurate auto traders”.



Stay Alerted People!

Now you know Virtnext is just another scam and I hope you understand how a few minutes of research can save you money. Beware though, there are always good reviews coming from the partners of these scammers and they delete negative posts about their products so it can be a difficult task. That’s why it’s important to fact check, our forum is a great place to do it. If you found a new scam or if you are not sure about a service you just found, let us know in the Make Easy Money Section of CommuniTraders and we will discover the truth!