Dreams or Delusions – Binary Options Scammers, Don’t They Get Enough?

Dreams or Delusions? – Scammers & Their Nasty Dreams!

This is the third and final article in the dreams series. If you haven’t read the other two preceding articles yet, see links at bottom.

So far we have discussed that having unrealistic or some minor delusional dreams about your binary options trading is not as favorable as having achievable goals. Scammers on the other hand, specialize in learning what inexperienced traders are dreaming about. I guess you could say that they are the Freddys’ of binary options. Forging deceiving plans and strategies is what makes up a scammers dream and they prey on people with unrealistic goals. It is time you find out what they don’t want you to know!



The Bizarro Business Man

Remember the business man we talked about in the previous article? The bizarro businessman is a different version of him. No, he isn’t anything like bizarro superman, he doesn’t just want to make friends. You could say that bizarro business man is the business man gone to the dark side. He, let’s call him “the bizarro”, used to dream of creating a business for himself that would help others and also earn him money. Sadly, at some point he gave up on it and totally changed his mind and goals.

I guess making a decent earning was a bit too difficult for him. Now, his dreams all have a rather sinister goal. Obviously, the bizarro is familiar with the kind of things newbies dream about because he used to be a beginner himself. In fact, he still dreams about those things that beginners dream about. The nice clothes, nice cars and dream vacations around the world. He just doesn’t want to work that hard for them anymore. In his dreams, you are just another simple fool who is desperate enough to believe his lies and make him rich. Instead of making an effort and create something useful, he just offers you some useless signals or robots and hopes you are dumb enough to pay for it.



The Scam Artist

The scam artist is like an actor. In a way, you can say that he is similar to the bizarro but with one major difference. Unlike bizarro, the actor was never a trader and never intended to become one. He is only dreaming of ways he can take advantage of naïve people. On the other hand, his dreams are just like every other trader. He dreams of Lamborghinis, castles, boats and in his case, maybe even winning the “Evil Marketing Award”, haha. The actor is a veteran when it comes to scamming people. During the days he fantasizes about his next scam video where he acts as if he was a rich trader. In fact, he loves making phony videos where he shows you pictures of sports cars and other things that he knows you are dreaming about. If I am not mistaken, I think he is even very proud of his scams.

The scam artist imagines himself in his bathrobe drinking champagne in a 5 star hotel while the money keeps streaming in his account from his scam websites. Who knows, maybe that was the bizarro business man in the background that he was in bed with? If it makes you feel any better, the dreams aren’t all about hotels and Lamborghinis… Sometimes the actor wakes up all sweaty and shaken because deep inside, he knows that he can’t run this scheme for ever. He fears that sooner or later he will get busted and has to move on to the next scam or retire. This is why he is constantly planning new ways of scamming people and from time to time hires other people to act in his new videos. I guess even a scam artist needs a stunt from time to time!



Freddy the Broker

Haha, this one sounds like a new up-coming Hollywood movie. “Meet Freddy the Broker” – “they wouldn’t sell him his shares, so he got into their dreams and bought them all…” Or something.
Alright, back to reality. Our winner tonight surely doesn’t have claws and is not really inside your dreams. I just call them Freddys’ of binary options because they know your dreams and desires so well that you might think they are inside your head! These are all the scam brokers some of us had the misfortune of dealing with. So what are they dreaming about? Let me put it this way: every one of them wants to be like the Wolf of Wall Street. Yes, the booze, the girls, the drugs, the boats, the millions and the whole shebang. In their dreams, they will do exactly whatever it takes to rob you from your last penny. If Freddy would get inside their dreams, he would come out without his claws. In exchange, they would have most likely sold him a useless formula that was supposed to turn his claws into Wolverine’s claws from X-men. LOL! Or maybe the new claws were given as a bonus! Haha, “sorry Freddy you need to use your claws at least x5000 times before you can leave this dream, it is in the Terms & Conditions”. I don’t know, there might even be an “Ultimate Jerk Award” that they’re dreaming of winning?


Harmful Dreams

In this final episode of the “Dreams or Delusions” articles, we have talked and joked about what scammers most likely are dreaming about. Not everyone is trying to take advantage of you but it is good to know that some people are and how they do it. Their methods might vary but their goals are pretty much similar. They all want to make money off of desperate people. All you need to do is to not get desperate and keep your dreams as realistic as possible. Just relax and know that becoming a trader takes time and effort and save yourself the trouble of becoming an easy prey. Learn from the pros!



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