End of 2015 Year Scam Watch – Time for the Scam Watch Awards!

Scam Watch Concludes the Year – The Scams, The “Awards” and Our Mission

The year is almost done now, people think about Christmas presents and New Year’s parties, cinnamon scented wine and the Holiday spirit, but somewhere a scammer rubs his hands together, saying “It’s been a good year!”. I’d like to believe we’ve busted some of them, with your help of course, so let’s take a look at the biggest complaints of this year, which broker had the most complaints and which broker didn’t appear at all in our Scam Watch article, plus other honorable (or dishonorable mentions).



Highest Number of Appearances in Our Scam Watch: Top Spot Goes to LBinary

On the bottom of our review of this brokerage, you will find 11 pages of complaints (mostly) and I am sure the count will only go up if they don’t start changing their ways. I have to mention that LBinary is NOT a Trusted broker by thatsucks.com and that we recommend extreme caution if doing business with them. Probably one of the biggest complaints about this brokerage comes from Erik, who wants to gather as many people as possible and start a coalition against them, so contact him if you haven’t already. March Scam Watch



Dishonorable Mention: GTOption

This brokerage was promising at first, but soon fell under scam suspicions as more and more people started to complain. Serah lost money because of their account managers,